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Indiana Companies Well Represented at Farm Show

Indiana Companies Well Represented at Farm Show
Wide array of products offered from state vendors.

The Farm Progress Show may be in Decatur, Ill., but that's not stopping Indiana companies from taking their wares there, and putting their best foot forward. And according to at least one source, many more Hoosiers seemed to flow through the show this time compared to two years ago.

Good weather may have been a draw. Temperatures were 15 to 20 degrees cooler than the last time the show was in Decatur, Ill. Also, with crops still green at home, it may have offered a chance for farmers to take a short break.

Corn was also wet at the show. Some was too wet to harvest. However, they were able to harvest enough to do reasonable field demonstrations, both of combining and tillage. Field that were harvested smelled like silage fields soon after harvest. Tillage tools got a real workout, trying to churn up tons of green foliage. Unofficial reports said moisture content was around 36% on the corn. Yet it was 96 to 99 day corn planted the last part of April. It jet underscored how far behind this crop is running, and how much heat the crop still needs to mature, plus a boost from a later-than-normal killing frost.

Here's a sampling of Hoosier companies at the show:

  • Beck's Hybrids, Atlanta, brought several sales team members. They even displayed their unique program for those who buy large quantities of Beck seed. They then qualify for an ATV. The model depends upon how much you buy. At their own show the week before the Farm Progress Show, farmers were hauling off ATVs and utility vehicles like pancakes
  • CountryMark was back again with a large booth. Their display on West Avenue was open and inviting, with benches and plenty of room to talk and visit. At the same time, they emphasized their support of biofuels.
  • Dow AgroSciences- Back to the show for only the second time in Decatur, Dow began with an air-conditioned net, then offered tours though extensive plots that show their up and coming technology. Chris Berry was one of the tour leaders, talking about some of the advances coming soon from the company.
  • Deny Bell form Terre Haute was there with  a unique feature for using with tile plows. Instead of a laser, this machine uses GPS to help lay out a plan for the tile plow. He hopes it will help farmers who haven't felt comfortable about running a tractor-driven tile plow feel more confident that they're getting tile placed correctly, even without a laser.
  • Azland Industries of West Lafayette showed tow unique products- a 500-gallon fuel caddy approved by the Department of Transportation, and a trailer that holds two anhydrous tanks. It features an arching main beam that allows the front wheels to swivel underneath. The net result is that the farmer can turn and the wheels swing under, and make a very precise turn.
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