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Indiana Ag Company Serious About Spreading Message on World Food Hunger

Indiana Ag Company Serious About Spreading Message on World Food Hunger
New-style media enlisted to tell farmers and others how they can help.

Many people go to YouTube on the Internet to see funny videos. One Indiana company is trying to use both YouTube and the Internet in general to spread a message company employees believe is important. Elanco and its employees want others to realize that world hunger is a problem, starting at home, and that there are ways to combat it.

The video addresses the problem of hunger in general, and also how agriculture can help. It may sound trite, but Susan Miller, a communications specialist charged with spreading the word about the YouTube made by Elancio, says it's important for farmers to know they can play a role as members of the food supply chain. What you need to do as a farmer is make safe, affordable and abundant food a global reality, she says.

All that is easier said than done. There are hungry and homeless people right here in this country. A high school student who handed a bag of French fries to a homeless man on the street recently said it made her feel good inside to help someone. Seen munching on the fires eagerly, he was obviously actually hungry, not a pretend beggar who causes even more for those who are truly in need.

The video spends a few minutes discussing what consumers around the world consider most important when they purchase food. It was shot at Gleaner's Food Bank in Indianapolis. Elanco's name does not appear in the actual video because the company didn't want the emphasis on them or for people to think it was just a commercial, Miller says.

You may also want to check out a blog posted to encourage discussion about how to use agriculture and the bounty of American agriculture to feed the world. Called 'Plenty to Think About,' you can find it at:

The blog seriously wants ideas people in the ag community have on fighting hunger, both locally and abroad. Here's hoping the blog and You Tube video from Elanco stimulate your interest in and thinking about ways you can help stamp out hunger on so many levels. Give the blog a read today.

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