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Indiana 4-H Could Benefit From First 'Mobile' Fundraiser

Indiana 4-H Could Benefit From First 'Mobile' Fundraiser
National 4-H first youth group to test mobile giving.

The 4-H Give2Vote Challenge is underway. It's a national fundraising campaign for 4-H, but it could benefit Indiana 4-H members as well. In fact, if Indiana 4-H'ers and their families step to the plate in a big way and records more donations through this effort than any other state, then Indiana 4-H would be rewarded with a bonus- another $5,000 donated by J.C. Penney as an incentive to get each state revved up to participate in the program.

Becky Long-Chaney, a farmwife whose family raises Hereford cattle in Maryland, is helping spread the word about this unique fundraising effort. According to Long-Chaney, now you can hold your mobile phone in your hand and donate to National 4-H at the same time. Wireless carriers participating in the program to help get it off the ground include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextel.

How will Indiana benefit? The state donation designation will be determined by the area code of the mobile subscriber. Every time you donate, it's counted as one vote toward the state challenge and bonus program.

Here's how you can participate in this unique, social-media program. If you're younger than 21, this will seem like a natural way to go about business. If you're in the 55-plus crowed, follow these instructions carefully! And ask someone under 21 for help if you get stuck!

You can make a donation utilizing Facebook. Or you can do it directly on your mobile phone. If you choose to do it by mobile phone, then simply text 'CLOVER' to 50555. You will have just donated $10 to 4-H. It will be a one-time donation that will be added to your mobile phone bill for the following month, or deducted from your prepaid balance for mobile phone use.

Once you do this, you will receive up to one message a day from the national 4-H Council Alerts program. Please understand that message and data rates may apply to these messages. All charges incurred will be billed to you and payable to your local service provider.

You can unsubscribe by testing STOP to 50555. If you need help figuring out the process, text HELP to 50555. You may want to check out provisions detailed at this Website before you make your donation: You can learn more about 4-H at

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