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How clever farm wives get their farmer's attention

How clever farm wives get their farmer's attention
I have figured out how to get my farmer-husband's attention when he won't answer my calls.

I have been told for years that I call my husband at the most inconvenient times: When he is under a piece of equipment, when his hands are greasy, when he is loading hogs – he says it's like I know and choose to call at the most untimely moments.

Why, oh why, would I do that – I don't strive to be an inconvenience or irritate you, I tell him. After all, I seldom call just to say "I love you," or find out what he's doing because I am bored and my box of bonbons is empty!

Plant 2015: That super busy time of the year is quickly approaching, I'm looking for the next attention grabbing text to implement. Any suggestions? Please send them my way!

But as technology advances so have the ways with which I have learned to communicate more effectively. We added on to our home almost 10 years ago and never put the two-way radio back in, so we rely heavily on cell phones. Other than tractor-to-tractor communication, cell phones are our communication tool of choice.

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I discovered in spring 2012 that the text "please call when you get a chance" worked like a charm to get my husband to call me. Auto-steer was in use, and he was able to call when it was easy for him.

When spring 2013 rolled around, I knew how the game was played – I initiated the "call when you can" system and would patiently wait for the call.

This method held up until the end of 2014. Apparently one too many "call when you can" texts had gone out and it was learned they could be ignored or conveniently not seen.

I was desperate one day, couldn't get a hold of him to save my life and resorted to all I had in my arsenal and texted:

"I have bought myself a one way ticket to Belize, cleaned out the bank accounts, maxed out the operating line of credit for cash, didn't sign the loan papers you left this morning and burned all your clean underwear. My flight leaves at midnight!"

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The phone rang instantly! Pretty sure he knew I was just trying to get his attention, he knows I would never leave my cows. Oops, I mean him and the kids!

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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