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Hoosier Now Leads National Soybean Growers

Hoosier Now Leads National Soybean Growers
Second native named to key post at national meetings.

Both the United Soybean Board and the American Soybean Association met in St. Louis last week. When the meetings ended and the proverbial smoke cleared, a Hoosier was at the help of one of those organizations.

Megan Kuhn, communications director for the Indiana Soybean Alliance, reports that Alan Kemper, Lafayette, was elected as president of the American Soybean Association. He was first vice president during the past year. Kemper also currently is on the Indiana Soybean Alliance Board of Directors.

The Lafayette corn and soybean farmer is no stranger to leadership roles. He previously served as president of the National Corn Growers Association, and did an exclusive interview from his combine cab while combining corn with Indiana Prairie Farmer while in charge of that organization.

While records are harder to check as quickly as sports records that media type check on air, Kuhn believes it's the first and only time a farmer has held the top spot of both organizations at the national level within his career.

Kemper was also instrumental in attracting the Farm Progress Show to Lafayette in 2001. It was held partially on his farm, and partially on land owned by neighbors. It was the last Farm Progress Show held in Indiana, and feature the multi-acre corn maze create by Purdue University agronomists using state-of-the-art GPS technology at the time.

Tiling demonstrations were prominent at that show as well. It was one of the early demonstrations of the concept of installing 3 inch tile on 30-foot centers, as opposed to 4–inch tile on 40 to 50 foot centers, as is the more common practice.

Kemper's farm is south of Lafayette approximately 7 miles. The show site was just about 1.5 miles west of U.S. Highway 52 on county road 700 south.

Meanwhile, another Hoosier, Jim Schriver, of Montpelier in northeast Indiana, was elected to a spot on the United Soybean Board. He will serve on the USB executive committee.

Currently, Schriver is an ex-officio director of the Indiana Soybean Alliance Board, and represents Indiana, along with three other farmers, as USB directors.

Look for more news about the election of both of these men to these positions coming soon.

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