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Hoosier farmers' invention makes row cleaners better

Hoosier farmers' invention makes row cleaners better
Indiana farmers decide adjustable row cleaners need improvement, and wind up with a product that works better for them than the original on the market.

On-the-go adjustable row cleaners are a big deal if you're interested in efficiency and want to do the most effective, most efficient job you can.

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Two Indiana farmers who farm together took a commercial product and made adaptations that work better for them. The modifications they made are now available for other to purchase.

While what they invented is specific to one model of machine right now, the story is in how they saw a need and figured out how to make improvement so that the machine performed better under their conditions.

Farmer solutions: Sometimes it takes farmers to figure out how to make tools work the best for their situation.

The message is clear – if you think there is a better way to do something, give it a shot. No one has a corner on the market on getting everything right for your farm the first time – not even companies selling no-till and tillage equipment.

Adam Souder and Tom Wykoff started with this premise. Adjusting row cleaners to match soil and residue condition can take time. Usually, you have to stop the tractor and use a wrench to move the row cleaner one way or the other. The new Raptor pneumatic row cleaner for the Orthman 1-tRIPr row unit can be adjusted on-the-go from the tractor cab.

The company is also manufacturing a new fertilizer tube called the Grow Zone for the Orthman row unit. It more evenly distributes dry blend fertilizer through the top 8 inches of soil.

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The products were developed at Wykoff Bros Farm, New Carlisle, Ind., and are marketed by Precision Tillage Solutions, LLC. Base list price of the Raptor is still being determined.

Base list price of the Grow Zone: $125 per row. Contact Adam Souder, Precision Tillage Solutions, at 260-228-0589.

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