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Hoosier Farm Girl Publishes Book About Barns

Hoosier Farm Girl Publishes Book About Barns
You will never guess who her well-known father is!

There's a coffee table book just published that would look good in any living room or bookcase on any farm in Indiana. It's a 152 page book with 155 images of Indiana barns, from well-kept, picturesque barns to those captured just before the last peg gave way and the barn collapsed.

The real story is in the photographer. Marsha Mohr. An Indiana farm girl from Wayne County, she is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing quiet, still scenes. She's captured many of Indiana's covered bridges in photos, and many other scenic views before putting her work together in this book about barns.

She even has her own Website, and publishes a series called 'The Quiet Path.' So who could ever guess that her real name, with her maiden name included, is Marsha Williamson Mohr. Yes, her parents are Mauri and Ruth Williamson, who reside at both West Lafayette and Economy, depending upon the time of the year.

Williamson, now in his mid-80's, is the rustic, never-met-a-stranger, boisterous former executive director of the Purdue Ag Alumni Association, and now former curator of the Pioneer Village at the Indiana State Fair as well. The man who built a reputation for Purdue Ag Alumni equal to none across the country, largely based upon the huge crowds that poured in year after year to attend the raucous, if not occasionally raunchy, rendition of the Purdue Ag Alumni Fish Fry. It continues today, now the first Saturday in February at the Indiana State fairgrounds, under the more conventional direction of Donya Lester, who replaced Mauri some 20 years ago.

Mauri's son, Dave, a Master Farmer, still farms at the home farm near Economy. Mauri is proud of both his son and daughter. On occasion he has bragged on her work, and has written comments about covered bridges and barns that appear in her Website and in her publications.

The current book is especially interesting because she teamed up with Duncan Campbell, a professional in historic architecture from Ball State University, to accurately describe the historical significance and design of each barn in the book. Her traveled with her camera took her all over the state, as she photographed everything from round barns to pairs of round barns to sway-back barns barely still standing.

Ironically, considering her father's Purdue ties, the book is published by Indiana University Press. For information and to order the book, call 1-800-842-6796, or log onto

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