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High-tech Tractor Allows Variable-Rate Spreading on the Go

High-tech Tractor Allows Variable-Rate Spreading on the Go
Tractor cab has all kinds of instruments and control panels again.

The tractor that Nick Rulon drives to spread gypsum and some other materials is equipped with an Ag Leader computer system with the Integra display panel. While he has spread constant rates of gypsum most of the time, he has the capability to spread variable rates of the product. The Integra system will read off a prescription made for the field and vary the rate where need.

GPS differential correction signal tells it when it's time to change the rate. The tractor also has auto-steering, and is equipped with the 20-20 Seed Sense Monitor from Precision Planting. That control system is used during the planter season.

READY FOR ACTION: This tractor and state-of-the art spreader are ready for variable rate spreading.

When precision farming first came out, some guys stacked so many boxes on the side post of the cab that their neighbors kidded them it looked like a Christmas tree. This modern tractor has probably as many controls, but each one has its place, and it resembles a cockpit more than anything else. It also has the ability to do many jobs using these controls. Before, it took several different boxes just to accomplish one task, such as control the planter and vary the seeding rate.

The spreader that Rulon uses to apply gypsum is a New Leader model designed for handling either gypsum or compost or human compost waste. Rulon has spread all three at one time or another. It requires a wide belt and the ability to adjust the double spinners. The wise exit gate helps prevent material from bridging. Gypsum is not as dense as lime, but it can still be spread evenly if the product is uniform.

This particular rig is equipped with an oiler that oils the moving parts of the spreader. Company representatives suggest running it daily if you're using the spreader frequently. The oiler runs when the bed is empty and the machine is not in use. With this setup, Rulon can actually trigger the oiler to operate by pushing a button on the Integra display.

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