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Help Arrives for Battle Against Phytophthora, Pythium

Help Arrives for Battle Against Phytophthora, Pythium
New product features innovation and a new ingredient to fight fungi in soybeans.

Advances in technology aren't limited to new precision farming hardware and software. Valent announces a new, complete, premium soybean treatment for 2015 called Intego Suite System.

Dair McDuffee, seed treatment specialist for Valent USA, says the product was applied on seed on a limited basis in 2014, with launch scheduled for 2015. McDuffee is based in Indianapolis, Ind.

Intego Suite has all the necessary regulatory approvals, McDuffee observes.

Tough customer: Phytophthora root rot can attack soybeans any time during the season. New Intego Suite System from Valent will help with early-season control. (Photo courtesy Kirsten Wise, Purdue University plant pathologist)

Intego Suite contains active ingredients against both fungi and insects. What's new is one of the active ingredients included for control of two tough diseases – pythium and phytophthora. Trade name for the new ingredient is Intego. The chemical name is ethaboxam.

"It's the first new active ingredient that helps control pythium and phytophthora to be marketed in 35 years," McDuffee says. Intego Suite contains ethaboxam plus the existing active ingredient, metalaxyl.

True resistance in seed treatments is hard to develop since such a small amount is used each year, McDuffee says. However, some species of pythium or races of phytophthora have become more tolerant to protection traits in certain varieties than others.

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"Intego Suite contains two modes of action against pythium and phytophthora, delivering broader control," McDuffee explains. Research studies show there are 50 species of pythium and multiple races of phytophthora.

"The two modes of action complement each other and protect against a broader spectrum of pythium, plus all races of phytophthora," McDuffee says. "Even if varieties have phytophthora resistance, it doesn't kick in immediately once plants emerge. Intego Suite System will bridge the gap between emergence and when varietal resistance becomes active."

In Valent tests in 2013, Intego Suite System averaged 1.5 bushels better compared to Valent's own best seed treatment package at the time, McDuffee concludes.

Phytophthora is usually more prevalent in a wetter than normal year, and in lower, wetter soils. Whether you're wetter than normal or drier than normal this year likely depends on where you are located. Phytophthora can strike and cause yield loss virtually any time during the season.

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