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Heat Tough on County Fairs

Heat Tough on County Fairs
The shows go on despite the heat.

Summer is the time for reruns, even on satellite and cable channels. Wait a minute- isn't this weather a rerun of last year's county fair weather? If your fair has already occurred or is underway, the long heat wave began earlier than last year, but was just as devastating for counties that had fairs under those conditions.

Bring on the rain- A good rain during fair week this year would likely bring more celebration than disappointment.

Last year the Johnson County fair simply died when the temperature hit 100 degrees F mid-week. Sales by vendors plummeted. The parking lot wasn't full. And who could blame anyone? Fair officials at that fair made wise decisions, allowing animals not staying to be sold at auction to go home a day early. And when it came to the auction, the kids walked through the ring, except for grand champion- in the pig department. Beef and sheep were sold per usual. The bids were just as high, and the buyer who took the sale animals to market said everyone of the 144 pigs he delivered walked off the truck at the destination, still in good shape. They were not stressed by unnecessary mixing and sorting on a hot evening before being shipped.

County fair seasons usually brings rain. Sometimes they also bring storms. That has already happened for some counties that had fairs early. What's needed now is a few wet fairs with no storms. And if you think that's a bad thing to wish for, don't worry, an inch of rain by the next day would do little more than lay the dust.

A neighbor heard his neighbor two miles away got a quarter of an inch a week ago Sunday, while the only caught 0.05 inches. So he went down after Church to see the phenomenon, only to already find the soil dry and the lower part of corn stalks were already dry.

It will take some kind of rain to clog remaining county fairs with mud.

Go out and enjoy your county fair. But please keep praying for rain!

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