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Header firm reports on field performance

Header firm reports on field performance
Farmers tested Honey Bee Airflex draper headers and a few weighed in on the results.

Honey Bee has deployed 14 new Airflex headers to the field for farmer use. And the reviews are coming in. The company reports that the new header is offering faster performance for growers that deploy the product.

In a press release, the company quotes Mike Penner, Halbstadt, Manitoba, who says he wishes he could have two of the 14 units in the field: "In ideal conditions, I could go seven miles per hour no problem while flexing 40-bushel soybeans with 40 feet of cutting …you're getting series acres done in a day."

Another producer, Danny Penner, who farms with his son, Mike, guesses the Airflex cuts at a rate 1.8 times faster than their existing 36-foot header.

Farmers tested Honey Bee Airflex draper headers and a few weighed in on the results.

Two other producers - among more than 100 who are testing different widths of demo machines - include Maurice Delage of Indiana Head, Sask.; and Shaun Dyrland of Kyle, Sask. Both say they're impressed by the flexibility of the cutter bar and the product's performance. Says Delage: "We had used flex drapers for years, so it was nothing new to us but this one had a couple of features we liked."

Delage notes the ability to move quickly over the ground and be responsive with its sensors, and second the deflectors were good at managing the crop.

The new Airflex will be available for harvest 2015 with units going into production early next year. You can learn more about the new header visit

Source: Honey Bee

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