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Having the Beef Conversation

Having the Beef Conversation
Revised book offers answers to common beef questions; book is also available for mobile devices

The beef checkoff last week released a revised version of the popular booklet, "BEEF. The REAL Story is YOUR Story." The new booklet, titled "Having the Beef Conversation," builds on the foundation of the first iteration of the "flip book" and moves toward a better understanding of how to have effective conversations about key issues for the beef community. The book is also available in a mobile version.

Revised book offers answers to common beef questions; book is also available for mobile devices

This booklet will continue to be the go-to conversation aid for anyone interested in becoming actively engaged in the beef conversations. "Having the Beef Conversation" follows the framework set forth in the Cattlemen's Stewardship Review and features sections about the Beef Lifecycle, Good Food, Healthy Animals, Healthy Environment, Strong Communities and the Beef Checkoff.  Each section includes the latest talking points, updated facts to share and a tough question and answer section, not to mention a reference page with additional websites for more information.

For example, have you ever heard the following question? "Are beef choices such as natural and organic better for you than conventional beef?"

By referring to the flip book, you'll find the answer:  No. All beef offers the same primary nutritional benefits in a healthy, balanced diet. There is no major nutritional or safety advantage to choosing one type of beef over another. Beef farmers and ranchers have options for raising beef which provide consumers with a variety of beef choices.

"I think the biggest challenge for beef and dairy producers is the widening gap between our farms and our consumer's dinner tables," says Wesley Grau, chairman of the Cattlemen's Beef Board and producer from Grady, N.M. "There is a wealth of misinformation out there about our industry, and this flip book helps empower producers to tell the positive truths about what we do every day to deliver safe, healthy beef. I encourage every cattle producer out there to either carry one of these flip books in their shirt pocket, truck, or bookmark the mobile version so when you're at the auction market you can pull up these talking points and help educate fellow producers and your neighbors."

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