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Growers and Industries Partner Through Soy Checkoff

This year, manufacturers introduced 22 new soy-based products.

The soybean checkoff helps to pair soybean growers and industry leaders to develop soy-based products, this year resulting in manufacturers introducing 22 new soy-based products.

United Soybean Board's New Uses Committee Chair, Todd Allen, has an optimistic view of the direction of farmer-industry cooperation.

"This is another huge year for soybean farmers in the industrial market," he says in a USB release. "The soybean checkoff's efforts to partner with large industry are vital to building new demand for soybeans and communicating the benefits of new soy products to the consumers."

New products this year came from diverse areas, from plastics and adhesives to lubricants and printing inks.

"By utilizing pull-through marketing, the checkoff becomes the catalyst for a project by providing the initial funding," says Allen. "This allows corporate partners to invest in projects they otherwise might not have been able to justify funding."

USB lists the following soy-based products introduced this year:

  • Agri-Color by New Century Coatings - soy-based colorant system for water-based paints.
  • Agri-Solv by New Century Coatings - soy paint and glue stripper.
  • Agri-Sperse by New Century Coatings - soy-based pigment for water-based and solvent coatings.
  • Amazing by Green Products, Inc. - soy-corn-oil-based solvent and stripper.
  • BiOH by Cargill Industrial Oils Division - soy polyol used for multiple plastics applications.
  • Biorenewables Industrial Degreaser by Spartan Chemical - soy-based degreaser.
  • Biorenewables Waterless Hand Cleaner by Spartan Chemical.
  • ELMS Platinum by Green Products, Inc. - soy high-performance roof coating.
  • EOS by EOS Remediation - soy oil for cleaning polluted groundwater.
  • Graffiti Remover SAC by Spartan Chemical - soy-based graffiti cleaner.
  • Green BMC by Ashland with Bulk Molding Compounds, Inc. - 100 percent soy resin used for automotive molding applications.
  • Naturelube 700 by BioPlastics Polymers & Composites - soy-based lubricant for metal protection.
  • SoyMatrix by Urethane Soy Systems - soy polyurethane designed for pultrusion applications.
  • Soy Verde by Citrus Oleo - soy-based solvent.
  • Tri-Base Multipurpose Cleaner by Spartan Chemical - soy-based parts cleaner.
  • Vikol 1 & 2 by Arkema Inc. - polyols for polyurethane foams and coatings.
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