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Great Plains introduces four new pieces of equipment

Great Plains introduces four new pieces of equipment
Enhanced line of tillage, anhydrous application tools includes range of innovations - including maintenance free bearings on many models.

Low-maintenance was the key word when Great Plains Manufacturing introduced four new pieces of equipment at a dealer meeting and media day event in Kansas City.

Three of the four new machine are tillage equipment. The fourth is a low-disturbance anhydrous application machine.

For all three tillage pieces feature maintenance-free bearings, a sealed bearing that eliminates the need to greasing.

The Ultra-Chisel

The Great Plains Ultra-Chisel plow has a floating hitch design to follow the terrain but keep the working depth uniform. It has a soil-fracturing potential to 8 inches of working depth and is available in widths from 21 feet to 33 feet.

VERSATILE CHISEL: The Ultra-Chisel is a vertical tillage or conventional tillage tool that offers maintenance-free bearings.

It is primarily a vertical tillage tool but also provides horizontal fracture for conventional tillage. Instead of tapered roller bearings, the walking tandems have a composite, fiberglass Teflon-wound bushing, sealed with dust caps on the outside. A five-lip, cartridge-style seal in the wheel hubs prevents bearings from becoming contaminated.

Ultra-Chisel engineer Michael Ohnsat said the plow was designed to save the operate time and grief by offering durability and ease of maintenance.

“Nobody has to crawl around under the Ultra-Chisel with a grease gun,” he said.

The Short Disk

Tillage engineer Hank Kummer said this tool borrows from European-style tillage with parallel gangs designed to operate at higher speeds with consistency and easy maneuverability.

The Great Plains Short Disk has 24-inch diameter discs that cut to a depth of up to 7 inches. The gangs are spread apart, allow for the flow of higher residue. It throws out to both sides in the front and in from both sides in the back, making heavy soil conditions easier to manage.

COMBINED FEATURES: The Short Disk combines European-style parallel gangs with better residue management designed for North American fields.

It is offerend in 26-foot and 30-foot widths.

The new Short Disk features exclusive Peer, TillXtreme maintenance-free pillow-block bearings in its gangs and smaller TillXtreme bearings in the rolling attachments.

7000 Series Disk Harrow

No daily maintenance for a while season long is a big advantage on the 7000 Series disk says Great Plains tillage engineering manager Rodney Hake.

The new model has the same double offset gang configuration, but has upgrades for better efficiency and increased performance, including an improved lift hydraulic system, axle design and leveling system.

A single torque tube across the center frame, along with the leveling system, makes it easier to level the wings.

It is “grease zerk free” with 360-degree rotation maintenance-free bearings that are never overloaded. The six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. The walking beam pivots have Teflon-coated bushings to eliminate the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points. The only grease on the entire machine is in the wheel hubs and they require only one-a-year maintenance.

The 7000 Series Disk is available in widths of 23 feet to 36 feet with 7.5 or 9-inch row spacing.

High Speed Nutri-Pro 3000 anhydrous applicator

Minimal ground disturbance, precise, high-speed placement and “spider” closing wheels that seal the gas in the ground are features of the NP3000.

Because its 22-inch coulter blades create minimal disturbance of the ground, the anhydrous can be applied a month before spring planting, rather than in the fall which risks losing nitrogen to leeching.

Operators can run at 8 miles per hour.

Unlike rigid shank machines, the anhydrous coulter is designed for high-residue conditions.

Options include either a three-section or five section (4000 series) frame and 20-inch or 30-inch row spacings. The anhydrous tine can be switched to a liquid tine. It can also be equipped with an even number of rows for pre-plant, then converted to an odd number of rows for side-dress.

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