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Grand L Series Gets Makeover

Kubota's Grand L 40 Series tractors launch in 2007.

Style and features can set a machine apart from its competition, and tractor engineers are adding both to new machines as they update designs. The market leader in the compact tractor segment - Kubota - is turning the competition up another notch with the new Grand L 40 Series tractors launching in 2007.

First restyled in 2002, the Grand L 40 adds more features and power to the already successful Grand L line. And the line gets a new, top-end, higher-horsepower model to keep the heat on the competition.
The engine horsepower range for the Grand L series is from 32 to 57 in 8 models ranging from the L3240 at 2-wheel-drive with 32 engine horsepower to the new L5740 with 57 engine horsepower and 50 hp at the power takeoff.

A stack of features

The new Grand L lineup includes a host of added features ranging from a new dual-range hydrostatic transmission to an enhanced cab. The HST Plus transmission may be the most popular for the new line - although two other transmission choices are available. The HST Plus offers three speed ranges, but offers a high and low choice in each range. The high/low shift can be made on the go, enhancing operation of the machine in a range of conditions.

"This transmission offers up to six operating speeds, which is more than is offered by the competition," says Sean Bifani, L series product manager. "And the HST Plus allows the user to match the machine to his operating style."

You can dial in the response level for the transmission. Like a smooth start and stop - which might be a little slower? No problem, just make that selection, but if you want to ramp up the response for loader work or some other task you can do that by just turning the know again.

In operation, you can see a change in how the machine works right away. Shuttling from forward to reverse is faster when the HST Plus is set to its most responsive level. There are 13 response choices with the system.

A NEW FACE. Kubota puts more than a pretty new face on the Grand L series tractors with the launch of the

40 series. Improvements over the Grand L 30 - rolled out in 2002 - offer enhanced performance. Customers will find many new features.

The new setup also offers a Stall Guard system that regulates engine power at the wheels preventing engine stall under load. It's a feature that many users will find helps make the machine more productive.
The other two transmissions available for the Grand L series is the exclusive Glide Shift Transmission offering electronically controlled, clutchless operation just like the power shift transmissions on bigger machines. For the manual transmission lovers out there, the Grand L also has the fully-synchronized transmission, or FST, available too.

Pricing ranges from $14,510 for the L3240 with two-wheel drive and a foldable rollover protective structure to $33,540 for a full-featured L5740HSTC with four-wheel drive and a cab.
You can learn more about the new machine by visiting

Key Points

  • New Grand L 40 series offers biggest model yet.
  • New hydrostatic transmission has innovative features.
  • Styling keeps design fresh in competitive market.
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