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Which GPS System Does Santa Claus Use to Guide His Sleigh?

Which GPS System Does Santa Claus Use to Guide His Sleigh?
He can choose from free signals to more sophisticated versions.

Do you really think Santa Claus can make all the extra stops he has to make in 2013 vs. 1913 because of more people without some extra aids. Rudolph can only do so much. It's a well-kept secret, and you don't have to tell your kids, but GPS will be helping Santa guide his sleigh tonight!

GPS guidance: You don't have to give away the secret to your kids, but Santa will use GPS guidance to speed up delivery tonight.

The question is: which GPS will he use? That may depend on what kind of year it's been at the North Pole in terms of finances. If plenty of donations rolled in to help the elves pay for building presents, then Santa might go for an RTK system. Normally they're limited to a few miles, with many farmers now getting signals off grain bins and sharing signals. But Santa probably has access to a system that would let him access multiple towers around the world. And with sub-inch accuracy, he could shoot those presents down the chimney without even getting out of the sleigh!

If he's getting ready for a tight year coming on, he might use the wide angle augmentation system maintained by the government, for free. In the worst case, the present might miss the chimney and land on the snow outside the house. In the best case, when it's working well, he might still drop it right down the old stovepipe! Many farmers say they still plant using WAAS and most of the time don't have an issue.

If he's looking for the newest out there, he might choose an introductory guidance system just released by Top Con. The X14 is billed as entry level guidance, but it has a 3D effect and a color touchscreen. That's a long ways from the days when entry level guidance, a whole 15 years ago, was a lightbar when you had to keep it on the center light.

Santa just might light that color touchscreen and 3 D image!

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