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Governor Moves to Increase E85 Ethanol Use

Culver signs third executive order to increase state government's use of the 85% ethanol fuel.

Last week, Iowa Gov. Chet Culver and Lt. Gov. Patty Judge joined with officials from the Department of Administrative Services and the American Lung Association at the "Kicking the Oil Addiction" workshop to encourage greater E-85 ethanol use in state government and across the state.

"Iowa is the leader in biofuels production, and now we must be the leader in biofuels use," says Culver. "That work begins here in state government. Through the Department of Administrative Services, we've begun the process of buying more flex-fuel vehicles demonstrating Iowa's commitment to this clean-burning fuel and our ethanol industry."

Executive order will boost use of E85

At the event, Culver signed his third executive order to establish a goal for using E85 in state-owned flex-fuel vehicles. "Many state employees who drive these cars are not filling them up with E85, even when it is readily available. Instead they are choosing to use E10 or even regular unleaded," said the governor. "This is unacceptable. As representatives of a government that has committed itself to promoting renewable energy, our employees must use E85 whenever possible. To ensure this happens, I'm proud to issue Executive Order #3."

The order sets a goal of 60% E85 use in state government flex-fuel vehicles by 2009, and orders the new Office of Energy Independence to work with the Department of Administrative Services to develop ways to achieve this new goal.

Lt. Gov. Patty Judge discussed how E85 helps air quality. She says, "We must take steps now to help reduce the amount of toxins in our air so people with lung disease and breathing problems can live happier and fuller lives. There is a simple and easy way to do this – use E85. A typical driver who uses E85 instead of traditional unleaded gasoline can prevent more than 4 tons of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment each year. Think about it, 4 tons each year. This means less toxins in our air and cleaner, healthier lives for all of us."

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