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Golf Cart Ruling Drawing Comment From Readers

Golf Cart Ruling Drawing Comment From Readers
Some fear that allowing golf carts on roadways may be an invitation for disaster.

An article on the Web a few days ago indicated that one of the little known actions taken by the Indiana General Assembly was to pass enabling legislation so golf carts would not be illegal on roadways. That action drew comment from readers.

One reader believes that it’s simply not safe. He lives in a rural area, but he doesn’t believe golf carts have any place on roadways where other traffic will be traveling much faster.  One of his biggest gripes goes beyond even golf carts. In his area, many people driving slow-moving vehicles are ignoring the law that requires an SMV sign on the back.

Golf Cart Ruling Drawing Comment From Readers

Whether it’s a golf cart or a 8N Ford tractor that gets rear-ended by a dump truck coming over a rise, he says the results will be tragic. The SMV won’t prevent the possibility of an accident, but it might increase the odds that another driver will see the slow-moving vehicle in time.

He also believes that golf carts and other slow-moving vehicles should be equipped with lights if they are going to be operated on roadways.

Just within the past two weeks, the town of Franklin, county seat of a doughnut county around Indianapolis, passed an ordinance allowing golf carts to use city streets, including the ability to cross busy intersections, even those that cross U.S. Highway 31, a busy thoroughfare through the town. There were several restrictions added, including that children under a certain height couldn’t be riders.

Our farmer reader was aware of this ordinance, and scoffs at the idea that kids won’t be riding them. In fact, he suspects they will be driving them. It sounds like a hard law to enforce and a recipe for disaster, he believes.

There are two sides to the story. Another reader, with no dog in the fight since she doesn’t operate a golf cart, says they are no worse or no more of a danger than bicycles using roadways, or slow-moving, Moped-style dirt bikes. Those also can increase the odds for an accident.

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