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Global Hotspots: Europe to export record amount of wheat

Global Hotspots: Europe to export record amount of wheat
Argentina's corn crop gets bigger; Bird flu found in Mexico backyard flocks

Europe is forecast to export a record 33.5 million metric tons of wheat this year, a 2 million increase from USDA's previous forecast, as it has accelerated the issuance of export licenses and its wheat is competitive in the Middle East and North Africa, USDA said this week.

That surge in business prompted USDA to raise its estimate for global wheat exports by 1.5 million metric to 162.03 million, with the European Union having by far the biggest increase.

Europe's wheat production also was increased to 156.45 million metric tons, up nearly 800,000 tons from the March forecast.

Global Hotspots: Argentina's corn crop gets bigger; Bird flu found in Mexico backyard flocks

USDA also raised wheat exports for Canada and Russia, by 500,000 tons each.  Canada is raised on a strong pace to date and Russia on expectations that small shipments will continue despite export taxes, USDA said.

Argentina's corn crop gets bigger

 Argentina should harvest 24 million metric tons of corn this year, USDA said this week.

That is up 500,000 tons from USDA's March estimate, but down from the previous year's crop of 26 million.

"The increase for Argentina is based on early harvest results that suggest very good yields in early planted corn and abundant soil moisture for the later planted corn," USDA said.

Meanwhile, South Africa's corn crop continues to shrink. USDA on Thursday cut another 200,000 tons off that crop after a 2-million ton reduction in March. Currently, USDA has South Africa's harvest at 11.3 million tons.

Dangerous bird flu in two Mexico backyard flocks– Reuters

Mexico has reported the highly pathogenic bird flu H7N3 virus in two backyards in the states of Oaxaca and of Puebla in the southern part of the country, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) said on Thursday.

Following a notification by the owners of an increase in deahtsin birds, 139 birds were found infected by the virus, the Mexican agriculture ministry said in a report posted on the website of the Paris-based organization, according to the Reuters story..

 "The official veterinary services launched the necessary epidemiological investigation and the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H7N3 was confirmed," it said.

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