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Genex Launches PregCheck Fertility Ranking

Genex Launches PregCheck Fertility Ranking
Genex is first to launch sire fertility rankings on beef sires, the company says

Genex Cooperative, Inc. this week announced it will launch sire fertility rankings on beef sires.

"We are excited to launch a beef sire fertility ranking model," states Keith Heikes, Genex Chief Operating Officer. "This fertility ranking, called PregCheck, evaluates an individual sire's frozen semen conception rate."

Genex is first to launch sire fertility rankings on beef sires, the company says

The PregCheck evaluation, available only through Genex, shows the expected difference in a sire's conception rate. PregCheck uses a 100 base system, meaning a value of 100 is average. Every one point difference is equivalent to a one percent difference in conception rate. For example, if Sire A has a PregCheck of 102 and Sire B has a PregCheck of 98, sire A is predicted to average a 4% higher conception rate compared to sire B when bred to females with similar reproductive ability.

"Genex members and customers can expect increased conception rates when breeding females to higher PregCheck sires. An increase in conception rate adds up to more A.I. pregnancies and pounds of calf per year," explains Heikes.

The statistical analysis for PregCheck was developed by Genex geneticists, who also assisted the cooperative in being the first to the marketplace with an internal dairy sire fertility evaluation. Genex dairy sire fertility research has led to industry-wide fertility domination for the past decade. The beef PregCheck model is identical to the dairy sire fertility evaluation system, however it is set to a beef base where sires are only compared to other beef sires.

PregCheck rankings will be published in the 2015 Beef Genetic Management Guide.

As additional sires achieve reliability, their PregCheck rankings will be updated on the Genex website.

Source: Genex

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