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Gallup Poll Demonstrates Support for Beef Checkoff

In a newly released poll of beef producers, 72% approve of the Beef Checkoff program.

According to a newly released Gallup poll, a solid majority of beef producers approve of the Beef Checkoff program, with 30% strongly approving and about 72% at least somewhat approving.

The poll, conducted Oct.-Nov. 2006 and gathering the opinions of over 7,000 producers, also indicated that those who feel informed about the checkoff are significantly more likely to approve of it and to approve of an increase of the current $1 per head checkoff payment. However, 75% overall said that the $1 amount should stay the same.

Of those strongly approving of the Beef Checkoff program, almost 49% said they felt that way because the checkoff has helped promote beef to consumers, while almost 39% who strongly disapproved of the checkoff program said they felt that way because they don't think the program works or that the money is not spent right.

One interesting result was that over 75% supported checkoff funds going only towards promoting beef produced in the U.S., but that figure dropped to around 50% if the U.S. focus would mean importers no longer had to pay into the checkoff.

About 66% of respondents at least somewhat approved of allowing Beef Board contracts with any entity.

Before being given a description of the program, 83% of respondents knew what the checkoff was. Awareness was solid among beef and dairy producers, but only slightly under 50% of veal producers were aware of the checkoff program and its functions.

You can view the report in its entirety at

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