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Frustration Becomes The Muse For Invention For Funnel Maker

Frustration Becomes The Muse For Invention For Funnel Maker

Wonder Funnel earns its place in the kitchen the workshop on the patio and on the farm.

Dale Hester says the mess around his attempt at pouring cooking oil back into a container drove him to it.

"There had to be a better way than the wobbly funnels that slosh and spill," he said, noting "funnel wobbles" are acute in the kitchen, on the patio, in the workshop and on farms and ranches.

Hester 's frustration soon took a positive turn when he started producing his Wonder Funnel, a product with five patents pending in its design, and one that takes into consideration the fact folks pour liquids into a variety of containers and in every case they need a steady funnel-platform to use or they have a mess to clean.

Wonder Funnel comes in a variety of kits, including: Turkey and Fish Fry Kit, Farm and Ag Set, Mechanics Set and the Kitchen set.

The Wonder Funnel is produced by Hester Enterprises, LLC in Oklahoma City, and features interchangeable parts and numerous adapter attachments so the funnel can be used as a regular funnel, a hose funnel, barrel funnel, or Secure Lid funnel.

* The barrel adapter attachment allows the funnel to attach securely to 16-,30- and 55-gallon drums or any container with a 3/4" threaded opening.

* The turkey and fish fry kit includes food-grade, dishwasher safe materials and filter nets and is available in 10" or 6" sizes for outdoor and indoor cooking use.

* The hanging chain and hose attachments provide a steady funnel for engine compartment operations. The 10" Wonder Funnel holds both gallons and quart containers and includes a 26" clear flexible hose to snake around engine components to get the oil in the proper hole.

Other available components within the system include a cut-off valve, quart oil adapter, and screen washer filter.

Click HERE for more information on the Wonder Funnel (and to view videos on the product) .

A secure hanging harness is part of the Wonder Funnel Mechanic's Set kit and it makes it possible to get the oil to the right spot on the engine without getting oil "all over" the engine.

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