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Friday Field Walk: Harvest Is Wrapping Up, Farmers Say Yields Help Offset Lower Prices

Friday Field Walk: Harvest Is Wrapping Up, Farmers Say Yields Help Offset Lower Prices
Fall tillage, fertilizer spreading and clean up begin.

Pests and diseases sometimes develop in patterns, and sometimes not. To get a sampling of what is happening in the Midwest, Michigan Farmer, Indiana Prairie Farmer and Ohio Farmer editors have teamed up and lured in, or more accurately roped in, a couple of observers in key parts of their states to report every two weeks on what's happening in their fields. Click on the map to see where each reporter is commenting from.


Harvest Is Wrapping Up, Farmers Say Yields Help Offset Lower Prices

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Indiana
Bill Pickart:  We have only had a couple tenths of an inch of rain the last two weeks, until right now. Dust was flying again. Morning dews and frosts slowed down those who still had beans to harvest. Most of the soybeans are done now and corn is going fast. My earlier prediction of some harvesting until Thanksgiving may have been premature. Wheat looks good, but double-crop beans this far north were killed by frost. Some late ones may not yield much.

It's good to see smiles this year after the drought and hail here last year. There are a few isolated areas that had green snap, but not too bad. Stalk rot doesn't seem to be an issue either. Farmers like the bigger yields even if income was higher in 2012.

Friday Field Watch:
Jim Facemire: We finally got a frost but it was at least two weeks late. It hasn't been cold enough to kill everything yet. Some are beginning to wind up soybean harvest, except for double-crops. How much they got hurt by frost depends upon what stage of growth they were in.

There is still corn to run. It takes longer when there is more grain to haul, but it's more pleasant to harvest a good crop than a bad one. We got our fill of that in 2012.

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Ohio
Luke VanTilburg: Finished harvest and the little bit of tillage we do on Tuesday Oct. 29.  Corn and beans both ended up right at average.  July 10 windstorm did significant damage to corn (more than I originally thought) and the lack of an August rain hurt the beans.  Corn yields ranged from 120-200 depending on wind damage.  We have heard reports of some local yields being much lower than that with more than 50% damage from green snap.  Beans were much more consistent yielding high 40s to mid-50s. 

It was a perfect fall to get the work done.  Only a couple of rain delays and nothing was mudded out.  We are still spreading lots of poultry litter and commercial fertilizer and starting to do some fall herbicide application, too.  Have not heard or seen any double crop beans being cut yet.  They are shorter, but they have a lot of pods.  Will be interesting to hear what they yield.

Friday Field Watch:
Dan Corcoran:  We have finished our popcorn, finally. The yield was good but conditions with weather and storage were challenging. We also have all the seed beans harvested in good condition -- also good yields and quality. 

Our non-seed beans are 80% completed, but they should run better since the few frosty mornings have hopefully cured the green stem problems. If it weren't for good yields I would not be happy with bean harvest progress.

The corn harvest is progressing when we can't run beans -- we are 50% done. The yields continue to push the 200 mark and storage will be challenging but we think we have moved enough to the elevator to fit the rest in our facilities. These are all problems that are all taken in stride and smoothed over with this year's good yields. 

We always shoot to finish harvest by Thanksgiving  and so far we are doing well. So as for the whole growing season we will see what the weather brings.

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Michigan
Janna Fritz: Finished. Harvest on our farm is finished. Corn, sugar beets and a few soybeans are still being heavily harvested in the area. Fall tillage begins now as well as lime application. Corn yields are good throughout the whole area. Sugar beet permanent piling has started and tonnage also seem to be decent. We will soon be washing up and putting away equipment for the year. It has been a pleasure writing for this resource. Our farm and family wish everyone a continued safe and bountiful harvest and a happy holiday season.

Friday Field Walk: Corn Planting About Done, Beans Underway
Richard P. Dobbins: We are well into harvest.  We wrapped up our soybeans about a week ago.  Soybeans across the board did very well for us.  What I'm hearing from farmers in the area is that their soybeans are yielding very good also.

We used fungicides on a number of our soybean acres this year and those acres seemed to do better than the acres without fungicides.

We are about 400 acres into corn harvest and the corn acres, non-irrigated and irrigated, are producing very well.  We are hearing the same thing from producers in south-central Michigan.  Some of the corn yields that we are hearing and have recorded on our farm seem almost impossible but I think the scale tickets prove these numbers.  I think most farmers in south-central Michigan are going to have a really enjoyable corn harvest.  Dealing with long lines at the elevator and shortage of bin space is sometimes a good thing.

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