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Friday Field Walk: Conditions Are Spotty

Friday Field Walk: Conditions Are Spotty
Planting is just about complete and rain, frost damage and weed control are on their minds.

Pests and diseases sometimes develop in patterns, and sometimes not. To get a sampling of what is happening in the Midwest, Michigan Farmer, Indiana Prairie Farmer and Ohio Farmer editors have teamed up and lured in, or more accurately roped in, a couple of observers in key parts of their states to report every two weeks on what's happening in their fields. Click on the map to see where each reporter is commenting from.


Planting is just about complete and rain, frost damage and weed control are on their minds.

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Indiana
Bill Pickart: Planting is wrapped up here in north-central Indiana and there has been a little spraying and hay or haylage making going on. Cool weather has slowed plant growth but stands look excellent. It looks like 2013 is going to be spotty on weather- it just depends on which spot you happen to be in. Some spots are getting a lot more rain that others - too much in some places.

Friday Field Watch:
Jim Facemire: We're still trying to finish corn. It might happen this week. It all depends on whether we get more showers or not. In this part of the state overall about 80% of the corn was planted by Memorial Day, and about 50% of the soybeans. There is still a ways to go. Some corn is up, but a lot of it hasn't been in the ground long and is coming up. We seem to get half an inch or more of rain when other places, especially north of Indianapolis, get nothing or a tenth of an inch. It's been a trying spring so far.

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Ohio
Luke VanTilburg:
We received 1-1.5" of rain on Memorial Day.  This was very beneficial as we had some corn leafing out underground.  It now appears that the vast majority of that is going to make it through the ground today.  It also appears that it will be at the same leaf stage as the corn right beside it that did not leaf out underground.  So, it should put on just as good as an ear as its neighbor.  All corn is pretty much done in our area as well as nearly all the beans.  The no-till corn and beans have emerged very evenly.  Some of the conventional till ground planted in the May 14-18 time frame has some uneven emergence as it was starting to get pretty dry.  Overall, it looks like we should get good stands and things are off to a good start.  Some guys are starting to sidedress some of the May 1-5 planted corn.

Friday Field Watch:
Dan Corcoran: We are done planting. Our early corn has been sprayed for weeds and is clean -- cleaner. The cool temps early proved to be challenging on herbicide activity. The stress of dry weather on the corn is showing signs of nutrient levels that are deficient. A good rain on fields would sure be useful.

Bean planting is all done except 75 acres. This is a field we wanted to do some work to before finishing... fence rows, tree trimming and expanding. Hopefully we can say we are completely done in a day or two. Most all stands look good and growing. The bug situation varies on locations and amount of feeding, nothing to spray yet, but will monitor.

Baled two thirds of first cutting hay. Volume varied in location as did rainfall. We are mowed the rest Wednesday for maybe Saturday baling, mostly grass and I hope it gets wet. Right now I would sacrifice hay for rain.

Friday Field Watch:
Reporting From Michigan
Janna Fritz: Our farm's planting is mostly wrapped up other than dry edible beans. The same can be said throughout most the area. Further south in the Thumb, there are still some soybeans going in. Late May frosts have nipped the fledgling corn plants. Soybeans have also shown some frost damage after 3-4 consecutive cool nights. The wheat crop looks good after the recent rains. There has been some herbicide applications on cover crops and no-till fields. There has been some fungicide applications on wheat fields, as well. If we could get some warm days and sunshine, it would really do wonders for all the crops.

Friday Field Walk: Corn Planting About Done, Beans Underway
Richard P. Dobbins: We are 100% planted. We finished on May 23. As I drive around our area, it looks like most of our neighbors are in the same situation. I've noticed some farmers side dressing already.

We are concerned about weed control this year. We had a lot of herbicide applied for a lengthy time before the rain. I've noticed weeds in our fields and the surrounding area.

We just received about 3/4" rain between May 27 and May 28. I have noticed driving around that there are some areas of corn that look thin. I've heard of some farmers replanting corn possibly because of the dryness.

This is the first year in memory that we started planting and did not get a break for over three weeks. I'm sure many other farmers were in that situation and ready for a small break and some more rain.

We haven't heard of any insect pressure yet.

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