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Fond du Lac County Fair continues Ag Birthing Center

Fond du Lac County Fair continues Ag Birthing Center
Fairgoers can see calves, lambs, piglets and ducklings be born at the fair

Visitors to the Fond du Lac County Fair will again have the chance to see their favorite farm animals at the fair's Ag Birthing Center. The Ag Birthing Center is celebrating its third year of being available to fairgoers.

Fond du Lac County Fair continues Ag Birthing Center

The Ag Birthing Center is a unique educational event at the Fond du Lac county fair, as it showcases the birthing process for several farm animals. Several dairy cows are part of the exhibit and will give birth to their calves throughout the week of the fair for fair goers to watch and experience. There will also be a sow with piglets, a goat with kids, a sheep with lambs and ducklings available to see at the birthing center. Visitors to the birthing center also have the opportunity to ask questions about the birthing process and to learn more about the care farmers provide to their animals.

"This event was started to share our farm story with our local communities," says Katie Grinstead of Vir-Clar Farm LLC in Fond du Lac and president of the Fond du Lac County Fair Board. "Seeing a cow give birth gives our visitors a first-hand look at the beauty of new life on the farm and how we care for our animals and raise them to be strong and healthy. What we as farmers experience every day might be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for some that get to see it for the first-time at the fair."

The Ag Birthing Center is staffed with those who have experience working with animals and caring for them, ready to answer questions and keep the animals comfortable and safe during the fair week. An experienced herdperson and veterinarian are also on staff to assist in the calving process. Last year, 16 different cows gave birth to their calves during the 2014 Fond du Lac County Fair.

Fond du Lac County Fair welcomes over 40,000 visitors annually to its fairgrounds.

The Fond du Lac County Fair will celebrate its 164th fair in 2015.  Established in 1852, the Fond du Lac County Fair is held the third week in July and showcases different area businesses and the fine work of the county's 4-H members. "The purpose of a fair is to educate; to help people learn about life and what is good; to find out what is new and how to improve; to understand about our heritage and agriculture; to find out what is profitable and what is enjoyable; and to learn how to adjust better to change, how to be better people, how to be responsible and better citizens, and how to be more self-sufficient."

Source: Fond du Lac County Fair

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