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Flexible fertilizer injection applicator meets needs

Flexible fertilizer injection applicator meets needs
Flexible fertilizer injection is the right type of fertilizer applicator for today.

New technology to improve efficiency and help the environment were highlighted at the recent 2015 National Farm Machinery Show. Here's one of the products that fits the bill on both counts. Blu-Jet has introduced the AT 4020 All-Terrain Low Disturbance Fertilizer Injection technology. The new rig is designed to place fertilizer below the surface in heavy residue situations without disturbing any more residue than necessary.

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Precision placement: Place fertilizer under the soil right where you want it with this high-tech applicator from Blu-Jet.

It's the first Blu-Jet applicator featuring full ISOBUS control technology. That means you can use it with almost any color of tractor, and the controls should be plug-and-play. You can control folding, depth and rate applied, and there's an on-screen tank level monitor. Since it's ISOBUS technology, you can use your existing OEM monitor display.

Order the AT 4020 set up to fit your situation. Choose from a high capacity 1,500 gallon tank, or a 2,000 gallon, cone-bottom tank with 3-inch bottom fill capability.

The frame features seven sections with folding outer wings. Five sections feature double 7- inch by 7- inch steel design, and the other two sections are single 7-inch by 7-inch construction. Axles are adjustable from 120 inches to 160 inches to fit your row configuration pattern. Equip the rig with up to 10 auto shut-off sections.

Opt for row spacing from 22 inches to 40 inches and get machines from 42.5 feet to 66 feet wide. The unit is equipped with hydraulic downpressure controls and Super 1200, 20-inch diameter, smooth coulters.

The rig narrows up to 15 feet, 10 inches for transport. A Cat IV Pintle hitch is standard equipment.

For more information, contact Thurston Manufacturing Company, Thurston, Neb., 402-385-3041,

There's a push in many areas to get fertilizer under the surface. Algae blooms in the Great Lakes areas, especially in Lake Erie, have resulted in programs and possible regulations for fertilizer application.

This would seem to be the right piece of equipment at the right time if you want to have the ability to place fertilizer under the surface going forward.

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