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Five Nations Beef Alliance Wants Beef Tariffs Eliminated in TPP

Five Nations Beef Alliance Wants Beef Tariffs Eliminated in TPP
Alliance says Trans Pacific Partnership must eliminate all tariffs on beef

Beef producers from four Trans-Pacific Partnership member countries have again demanded that any TPP agreement be a high quality deal that eliminates all tariffs on beef, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association said Friday.

Members of the Five Nations Beef Alliance from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, urge all participants involved in the TPP negotiations to re-commit to securing a comprehensive, non-discriminatory outcome – one which eliminates tariffs and importantly addresses behind the border trade barriers.

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Alliance says TPP must eliminate all tariffs on beef

FNBA is concerned that TPP members have not been able to craft a tariff-eliminating deal for beef, and unless all parties step up to the plate and reaffirm their commitment to a trade liberalizing outcome, countries could begin to drift away from the goal of achieving a 21st century agreement.

FNBA producers expect an accord which addresses commercial impediments rather than assigning them to the 'too hard basket'.  Above all, a TPP agreement must make it easier to do business – it must facilitate and enhance trade, NCBA explains.

FNBA also calls for each TPP member country to provide the same market access arrangements to all other members, in order to ensure that competitive disadvantages are not created and trade subsequently distorted.  NCBA says this will set clear parameters around the obligations required by future TPP aspirants.

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Despite the inherent challenges, TPP members must ensure any agreement delivers the open trading environment originally envisaged. In so doing, the TPP will be widely viewed by commercial entities as a worthwhile initiative, NCBA says.

The FNBA comprises the Cattle Council of Australia, Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Confederacion Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas, Beef and Lamb New Zealand and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

Together, FNBA represents producers from countries that account for one-third of global beef production and approximately half of global beef exports.

Source: NCBA

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