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Find quality used grain dryers fast

Find quality used grain dryers fast
See who has used grain dryers for sale without putting tons of miles on your pickup.

Are you wishing you could find a used grain dryer in better shape or with bigger capacity without wasting time driving up and down the roads? Now you can. Steve Curtis, Indianapolis, a person with 45 years of experience in the grain industry, took an idea from a chance conversation with an equipment dealer and turned it into a website that simplifies shopping for used grain dryers.

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LET FINGERS DO SHOPPING: The website lets dealers display used grain dryers they have for sale.

“The dealer simple told me he wished there was a way to know which models other dealers had on hand in case he didn’t have what a customer wanted,” Curtis says. “I wish I could take credit for it, but it really came from that conversation.”

What Curtis set up was a website exclusively dedicated to listing used grain dryers for sale. You can check it out at

About 75 dryers are listed on the website, Curtis says. While he isn’t involved in actual sales transactions, his best guess is that about 25 dryers have been sold using this portal since he launched it in 2016.

Dealers pay to list used dryers on the site for a certain period of time. That generates income Curtis needs to sustain the site. If you find a dryer you want to know more about, you deal directly with the dealer who has the dryer. Curtis says he doesn’t play a role in actually connecting buyers and sellers other than providing contact information.

You will find dryers of various brands, sizes and ages listed on the site. The dryers may also be in varying conditions, although most dealers won’t invest in listing a used dryer that isn’t in good condition, Curtis says. “Some dealers won’t put a dryer up unless it has been reconditioned and is 100% ready to go,” he says.

So far Curtis has reserved listings for dealers. However, he’s aware that a good number of the dryers listed on the website are actually still owned by farmers.

He notes that several improvements are planned for the site. Dealers will be able to upload photos more easily, and sorting dryers by category will make it easier to find the ones that fit your needs.

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