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Final Days for Committees to Make Recommendations to Super Committee

Final Days for Committees to Make Recommendations to Super Committee

Senate Agriculture Committee trying to get bipartisan recommendation to joint committee.

Committees are supposed to have recommendations to the Super Committee charged with reducing the federal deficit by the end of the week. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, says there's an effort in the Senate Ag Committee to get a bipartisan suggestion together.

"If we don't get a bipartisan agreement in the Agriculture Committee I'm sure that the Agriculture Republicans are going to have a suggestion, but I know right now in agriculture there is a real possibility of getting a bipartisan agreement," Grassley said. "Understand though that the Super Committee can accept, reject or change in any way suggestions that we may have. From that standpoint I think they would be smart to take the suggestions of the various committees because then I think they have better chance of getting the support of that committee for their final product."

Grassley says the bipartisan recommendation would include agricultural savings of between $20 billion and $33 billion with a safety net much different than counter-cyclical and direct payments and would have a lot of emphasis on revenue sharing and crop insurance.

Grassley says there seems to be some belief that nutrition programs, which make up the vast majority of farm bill spending, shouldn't be cut at all. But Grassley says several Republicans are taking the view that you should at least be able to get 1% out of any program.

Once the super committee has received recommendations - they will have until Dec. 2 to formally report proposals. Dec. 23 is the deadline for the House and Senate to vote on their proposals without amendment.

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