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FFA quiz bowl wizards capture 1st place at state meet

FFA quiz bowl wizards capture 1st place at state meet
Four South Ripley FFA members answer more questions correctly than anyone else.

FFA chapters have battled it out all spring to see who knows more about the FFA. Call it trivia, or whatever you like! Truth is, it takes time and dedication to bone up on knowledge about the FFA.

Twelve teams competed at the state FFA convention for bragging rights. A team is four members, with at least two freshmen and no one older than a sophomore.

When the pencils were down and the answers graded, South Ripley walked away with top honors. “We did it with a team of four freshmen,” says Eldon Cutter, South Ripley FFA advisor.

FFA QUIZ CHAMPS: The South Ripley FFA championship quiz bowl team consists of (from left) Advisor Eldon Cutter, Lydia Comer, Brook Eleton, Jessica Vogel and Luke Thomas.

Winning this contest means burning some midnight oil. Students answer 50 questions each, taken from a question bank that is 20 pages long. When students are finished studying for this quiz, they have excellent knowledge of the FFA and a better handle on Indiana agriculture, Cutter says.

Try your hand at some sample questions. See if you can match wits with the best of the best. And congratulations, South Ripley FFA!


1. Who was the first National Star Farmer from Indiana?

2. Who was the most recent National FFA officer from Indiana?

3. How many sides does the Education Building at the Indiana FFA Center have?

4. Who is the FFA program specialist who works with state officers all year?

5. How many districts are there in Indiana?

6. What significant merger happened in 1965?

7. Which newly elected state officer is the first state officer from her chapter in 20 years?

8. Where will the National FFA Convention be held in 2016?

9. Where was the National FFA Convention originally held?

10. Who is considered the father of FFA?


1. Merrill Kelsay, Whiteland

2. Tyler Tenbarge

3. six

4. Joe Martin

5. 12

6. Future Farmers of America and New Farmers of America

7. Emily Dougherty, Whiteland

8. Indianapolis

9. Kansas City, Mo.

10. Henry Groseclose

How did you do? If you got 9 or 10 right, Eldon Cutter wants to recruit you! 7 or 8: You’re an FFA groupie. 5 or 6: Better brush up on your FFA knowledge. 3 or 4: Did you really try? 1 or 2: Invite the winning South Ripley FFA team over for a cookout, and pick their brains.

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