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Farrowing Stall Added to the "Oink Booth" in Swine Barn at the State Fair

Exhibit in Empire Commons celebrates "Year of the Pig."

Fairgoers visiting the Minnesota Pork Booth at this year's Minnesota State Fair will discover a new swine exhibit that shows how the state's pork producing-families care for their livestock and the environment.

The Minnesota Pork Booth, also known as the Oink Booth, is located in the Swine Barn. The innovative exhibit features brightly colored displays describing Minnesota pork production practices and pork producers' positive economic, environmental and employment contributions. The display offers participants a chance to learn some fun pork trivia and to learn about the versatility and nutritional attributes of pork products.

The exhibit incorporates the core messages of the Minnesota Pork Board's tagline 'Minnesota Pork: Good For Us All' and strives to show people the many benefits that pork-producing families bring to local communities and the state of Minnesota. It also addresses common misperceptions of pork production and explains how pork producers care for their pigs.

"The committee members knew it was very important to portray today's pork industry accurately and to explain common production practices," says Trudy Wastweet, MPB Education Director. "They wanted a new exhibit that reflects the progressive nature of our business."

An additional update to the Swine Barn exhibit will be a farrowing stall for the sow and litter. The stall shows fairgoers a common pork production practice that producers use to provide a safe space for the sow to give birth and to protect the piglets from injury.

"This farrowing stall provides an opportunity for our pork producers who volunteer their time at the booth to educate the public on animal care and to talk about the way they raise pigs," Wastweet says.

The Pork Booth also continues to feature fairgoers favorites such as the iconic pig ears, Pigtionary coloring books, and daily Pig Tale talks.

Those who enjoy preparing pork are encouraged to visit the Pork Promotion Booth at the Empire Commons building. The booth celebrates 'Year of the Pig' and features Asian-inspired pork recipes. Nutritional information, grilling and cooking tips, and meat thermometers with instructions on preparing pork are also available. Wastweet says that the meat thermometers are a popular giveaway at Pork Promotion Booth.

Minnesota Oink Day is Wednesday, Aug. 29, at the Christensen Farms Stage, adjacent to the Miracle of Birth Center. Visitors will participate in trivia games, and kids can enjoy book readings and visits with Don "Farmer" Nelson of Litchfield. Also at the site will be the Minnesota Pork Board's new educational trailer, which features a newly produced 10-minute video on Minnesota pork production.

The Minnesota Pork Board, which annually hosts the state fair swine exhibit, invested Pork Checkoff funds into developing the exhibit. The 14-member MPB Ambassador and Education Committee made the decision to fund the project and had an active role in the exhibit content and design.

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