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Farmland Documentary Will Be Unveiled to the Public Soon

Farmland Documentary Will Be Unveiled to the Public Soon

The Farmland film provides those outside of agriculture a firsthand glimpse into our world.

Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Moll's new feature length documentary, Farmland, will be released nationally May 1, 2014, in more than 60 major markets.

According to the film's producers, numerous national exhibitors will be carrying the film including: Regal Cinemas, Marcus Theaters, Carmike Cinemas, Landmark Theaters and many key independent theaters.

"Most American have never stepped foot on a farm or ranch or even talked to the people who grow and raise the food we eat," the Farmland website explains. "Farmland will take an intimate look at the lives of farmers and ranchers in their 20s, all of whom are now responsible for running their farming business."

Farmland Film: Recently The Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Farm Bureau and BASF sponsored a private screening of Farmland in Indianapolis. Pictured above are Marc and Heather Hill, Hancock County farmers, with Leighton Cooley, Georgia Farmer featured in the film.

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The film will have its New York premiere at a private screening on April 17, during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. It will also be in film festivals in Atlanta, Nashville and Newport Beach in April.

Farmland offers viewers an intimate and firsthand glimpse into the lives of six young farmers and rancher across the U.S., chronicling their high-risk/high-reward jobs and their passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve.

"In Farmland, audiences will hear thoughts and opinions about agriculture, but not from me, and not from a narrator," Moll says about his film. "They're from the mouths of the farmers and ranchers themselves."

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The documentary features an original score composed by Nathan Wang with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.  The silk also includes an original recording of "This Land is Your Land" performed in a first ever collaboration the band Everclear and artist Liz Phair.

Visit the Farmland film website for more information on the film and dates that it will be near you.

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