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The Farmer's 'Hole in One'

The Farmer's 'Hole in One'
A perfect hitch the first time is like Christmas morning on the farm.

Talent or luck, it doesn't really matter – the feeling is pure elation when hooking up anything and getting it on the first try!

Wes Perryman, Texas farmer and friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook last week of a tractor and implement hitch perfectly lined up on the first try. His caption? "This is equivalent to a hole in one in farming……"

I couldn't agree more. I am not a golfer – I have never played the game, let alone achieved a hole in one – but the joy of getting a hitch right on the first try has to elicit the same feeling.

A perfect hitch: That feeling of backing up perfectly on the first try (or the second) is a farmer's equivalent to a hole in one in golf.

It's "wagon draggin'" season and just about the time I start to re-master the one-back hook-up, the season seems to be over. We basically have three trucks with which we drag wagons, each with its own positives and negatives.

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My Father-In-Law's green GMC, a good truck, sits low enough to the ground that I don't have to lift the tongue far and has a good DMI cushion bumper with adjustable hitch for easy hooking. But the brake pedal is worn to the metal and if not wearing proper shoes, e.g., flip flops, my foot slips off the brake and messes up my perfect backing job!

My husband's truck is a red Ford, again a good truck, equipped with a DMI cushion bumper and adjustable hitch. His truck sits a little high and is a stick shift which just adds to my frustration backing and inching forward, especially when I am by myself. Also the emergency brake doesn't work very well so it tends to roll.

I have a maroon Dodge, and I love it! But it doesn't have the good bumper or hitch and you feel every move the wagon makes, in three-fold.

No matter what truck I use, if I get a "hole in one" I am happy. Just like Monica Scott, Burrows, Ind., farm wife and friend, says: "When that happens, it makes you smile and you have to pat yourself on the back! At least I do!"

So do I, Monica. Then I tweet about because I think everyone ought to know!

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