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Will farmers ever learn? Mother Nature only cares about herself

Will farmers ever learn? Mother Nature only cares about herself
Why do I ever try to make plans? Mother Nature will find a way to ruin them.

I'm in Phoenix as you read this, but at the time of this writing I'm perturbed with Mother Nature and stressed about being gone. This wasn't the way the plan was laid out.

The plan worked out so well, at least in my head. I was asked to take part in Bayer Crop Sciences Ag Issues Forum the two days before Commodity Classic in Phoenix, Ariz. I had but two questions: How much will this cost me and how long will I be gone?

After 23 years of marriage I knew those would be Chris' first two questions!

Hog work in freezing weather: So happy for our modern confinement barns, I was able to vaccinate a group of nursery pigs. Take that, Mother Nature!

It was an amazing opportunity that I hated to pass up. Two days of talking, listening and learning about the future of agriculture, where it is headed, how we can help educate others, meeting and mixing with other "agvocates."

The timing was perfect, as perfect as it can get when you plan things around a farrow-to-finish hog schedule. It would fall the week after moving pigs out of a nursery room into a finisher, just enough time for me to wash that room and be home in time for weaning that Friday, so I signed up, booked a flight and prepared to be gone for a few days.

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That is until Mother Nature decided to drop the thermostat and bring in the snow. As I write this I should be helping move nursery pigs into one of the finishers and then pressure washing that nursery room for the weaned pigs. Nursery pigs don't like really cold barns and they do like water so a cold barn and frozen pipes put a nix on moving hogs. And it's impossible to wash a hog barn with hogs in it.

So plans were changed and then changed again and possibly even changed after that – it's not getting any warmer. The hogs will be moved while I am gone and I will have time Friday before weaning to wash the nursery. Chris can handle the work without me but I feel guilty for not being there.

As you read this I swear I am trying hard not to enjoy the predicted 70-75 degree weather, I promise!

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