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Farm shop design includes kitchen, welcoming front porch

Farm shop design includes kitchen, welcoming front porch
Why this farm family included a kitchen and relaxation area when they built a new farm shop and machinery storage building.

When the Hendersons planned their shop and equipment storage building, Mark's wife, Linda, added valuable input. She wanted amenities that would fit their style of farming and living. The Hendersons farm near Franklin.

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Mark's brother, Brent, lives on the farm where the shop complex is located. Mark and Linda live a couple miles away. Their son, Scott, and his wife also live a couple miles away in the other direction.

"We wanted to come over here and spend the day, doing what we needed to do," Linda says. That includes working on the books, so the complex added on to the shop building includes offices. It also includes bathroom facilities.

Comforts of home: Linda Henderson prepares lunch for the family at the farm. This kitchen is part of the office complex adjoining the farm shop.

What is also includes you won't find in too many farm shop complexes. The Henderson's don't need an employee break room because they hire very little outside labor. It's one of the advantages they use to keep costs down – very minor labor expense totals in any given year. What they needed was a place for family to gather, especially at meal times.

"We put in a full kitchen with plenty of cabinet space," Linda says. "We cook our meals here during the day, and can have hot lunches just as if we cooked them at home. This way everybody knows where lunch will be, and knows to be here at lunch time."

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The kitchen/office area is open and contains plenty of central space for a dining area. In some ways it has all the comforts of home. It even has an inviting front porch with places to sit when you're not busy. That may not be often, but it's an inviting place to sit down after a hot day of work in the summer.

"This is the kind of living space we wanted, and it works well," Linda concludes.

Learn about their interesting shop complex in an upcoming issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer.

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