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Farm Policy Facts Compiles Top 10 Ag Videos

Farm Policy Facts Compiles Top 10 Ag Videos
What do consumers think a cotton picker costs? The video answering that question takes the top spot in Farm Policy Facts' video countdown.

Farm Policy Facts, a watchgroup formed by several ag and farm interest groups earlier this month released its list of the top 10 agricultural videos, which they say offer a glimpse into agriculture in America.

Though it's tempting to select the "epic" Dodge Ram "Farmer" commercial or the parody "I'm Farming and I Grow It," FPF said there are several videos that have fewer views, but are nonetheless "hidden gems."

10. Farmer Profile: Barry Evans: "Corporate Agribusiness CEO"; produced by The Hand That Feeds U.S.

Farmer Barry Evans explains his irrigated operation as part of a day in the life of High Plains farmer. 

9. Stewardship Spotlight: Bill Gordon; Minnesota Corn Growers

What do consumers think a cotton picker costs? The Hand That Feeds U.S. video answering that question takes top spot in Farm Policy Facts' video countdown.

Farmer Bill Gordon takes a look at agriculture's use of wetlands to improve water quality; habitat conservation and nutrient management; and Conservation Reserve Program lands.

8. Harvesting Sweet Energy; The Hand That Feeds U.S.

Near the gulf in Raceland, La., Neville Dolan of Raceland Sugar Mill works to produce small pellets made from the fiber remains of crushed sugar cane stalks. This process saves thousands of tons of wasted energy from sugar production, and puts it into use as fuel for electric generation across the country.

7. USA: World Without Farmers – One Hungry Planet; BASF Agro

Farmers have to be part economist, agronomist, meteorologist, conservationist, and all optimist.

6. Texas. Cotton. Better; Texas Cotton Association

The Texas cotton industry doesn't involve just the grower.

5. USA Rice: Home Grown, World Famous;The USA Rice Federation

Easy to cook, easy to store, rice has been produced in the U.S. since 1700. Now, the U.S. is capitalizing on the science of rice production. Test your knowledge of rice production.

4. Farmers Respond to EWG Criticisms; National Crop Insurance Services

Farmers reflect on the Environmental Working Group criticism that crop insurance is being used by farmers to make a profit.

3. What Do America's Farmers Grow?; America's Farmers

Here's a simple question - what do America's Farmers grow? We know America's farm families grow the meals we sit down to, the clothes we put on every morning, and the fuel that gets us from point A to point B, but is that all they grow?

2. Insights Into the Devastating Drought of 2012; National Crop Insurance Services

People don't realize the time and effort farming takes, says David Andris of Milford, Ill. "Going out in the fields this year is a thoroughly depressing experience."

1. The Cost of Starting a Farm; The Hand That Feeds U.S.

To maintain a farm, do you really know how a combine compares to a car? The Hand that Feeds U.S. asks regular consumers to estimate how much money farmers will need to run a successful operation.

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