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Family honors son with farm safety program

Family honors son with farm safety program
Plan to attend R.I.L.E.Y. farm safety program, scheduled for June 23

Roughly one year ago, Riley Sutherlin lost his life in a farm accident when a vehicle he was driving turned over on him. He was a member of the South Putnam FFA and the Putnam County 4-H Junior Leaders. His parents asked specific groups to prepare a farm safety program in his memory and hold it in late June.

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The program is R.I.L.E.Y. farm safety day, to be held Tuesday, June 23 at the Putnam County 4-H Fairgrounds in Greencastle. It's sponsored by the South Putnam, North Putnam and Cloverdale FFA Chapters, plus the Putnam County 4-H Junior Leaders.

Safety training day: All types of farm safety demonstrations will be geared to helping build a healthy respect for safety, such as when operating large machinery, at an upcoming farm safety event.

This program is designed to be fun, yet educational, sponsors say. Amanda King, South Putnam FFA adviser, says it's geared toward adults and students alike. The program covers all aspects of ag safety, including electricity, grain bin issues, chemical safety when handling pesticides, handling and driving large equipment, plus discussion on other topics of interest to agriculture related to safety.

Registration starts at 8:15 a.m. EDT with the program beginning at 9 a.m. If schools bring students, reimbursement for travel is available, King says. There is no charge for the program and lunch will be included.

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R.I.L.E.Y. for Safety is an acronym that not only encompasses Riley's name, but also stands for key principles related to farm safety, King notes. 'R' stands for respect, as in respect the equipment. 'I' stands for imagine, as in imagine what could happen before it happens.

The 'L' is for learning the consequences. That's one key objective of the safety training day. Then 'E' is for engage in education of others about farm safety issues. Finally, 'Y' is for yield to safety.

Let farm safety be the driving force rather than taking chances because it might be quicker or easier to do things another way than the safest, correct way.

Anyone wanting more information can contact King at 765-653-9524 or [email protected].

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