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U.S. Famers & Ranchers Alliance calls Mr. Seed video "scare marketing"

U.S. Famers & Ranchers Alliance calls Mr. Seed video "scare marketing"
USFRA issues rebuttal to video while creator calls Mr. Seed 'messenger of food justice.'

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance CEO Randy Krotz has issued a rebuttal to the video, “Seed Matters,” released June 6.

Mr. Seed, the foul-mouthed lead character, is voiced by comedian Pete Holmes.

The Clif Bar Family Foundation supported the video production through their Seed Matters initiative, which was formed in 2009 to advocate for the protection and improvement of organic seed.

Krotz says “the video uses unrealistic imagery to promote an organic agenda.”

The Butler Brothers, who created Mr. Seed, call him a “foul-mouthed messenger of food truth justice.”

Mr. Seed video pits organic against conventional agriculture. (Photo: AlinaMD/Thinkstock)

The 4:46-minute youtube video had 33,480 views as of June 15. It opens with a happy song of feeding the world and transitions to what we discover is an organic seed asking, “is that what America wants?”

“The main purpose of the video is supposedly taking a stance on biotech and its ability to feed the world,” Krotz said. “The mark really couldn't have been further missed.

“At a time when we should be united for the common good of feeding the world, we are fighting instead, using unethical and non-factual propaganda as the weapon,” he said. “Food companies are using junk science driving people away from sustainable practices like GMOs to manipulate consumers for the sole purpose of market gain.”

"With Mr. Seed, we hope to raise interest and awareness in organic seed and increase conversations about changing our chemically dependent food system," says Matthew Dillon, director of the Seed Matters campaign, in an article in AdWeek. "We want to show people that there are alternatives, that they have a choice and a role to play in the solution."

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