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Expanding Opportunities for Corn Growers Key Focus of Ethanol Committee

Expanding Opportunities for Corn Growers Key Focus of Ethanol Committee
Increasing the blend wall, promoting ethanol use and flex-fuel vehicles and partnering with NASCAR among committee's goals.

The National Corn Growers Association's Ethanol Committee is focused, like the entire ethanol industry, on increasing the domestic market and what's known as the blend wall. Committee Chair Jon Holzfaster says there's a chance that challenge will be overcome in 2010.


"We have some favorable news from the EPA; they're going to take a little bit more time to look at things closer," Holzfaster said. "But I'm excited about what we may see in the near future with an increase blend going from the E-10 to the E-15. That's one of the things that our committee is going to try and facilitate any way we can to help make that a reality."


With the nation's corn growers producing record and near-record crops, Holzfaster says growing the domestic market will remain a top priority for NCGA. Holzfaster says his committee has a big part to play in achieving the overall goals of the association such as increasing the use of ethanol, installing blender pumps, helping promote flexible fuel vehicles and new engine technology.  Basically it all boils down to creating and increasing opportunities for corn growers.


According to Holzfaster the potential for EPA approval of the move to E-15 is exciting and would be a tremendous milestone for corn growers and the ethanol industry. He's also excited about NASCAR's interest in going green.


"They are excited about hopefully here in the future working a partnership with the ethanol industry to not only help promote the fact that they are becoming more green and environmentally friendly, but also to help the ethanol industry promote their product," Holzfaster said.

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