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Every Farm Shop Could Use One of These

Every Farm Shop Could Use One of These
A truck lift makes working on trucks a snap in this farm shop.

Kevin Cox didn't have to wait long to get suggestions for what to include as features once he decided to build a new shop to augment his existing farm facility in Parke County. His son, Trent, also involved in the operation day to day, knew one feature that he hoped they could include.

"I've always wanted a truck lift, and I thought it would pay for itself over time," he says. "It makes servicing vehicles so much easier and safer."

Pride and joy: This truck lift has already proven valuable in their new shop, Trent Cox says.

Dad agreed and when the new farm shop was designed, plans included an area behind the offset for the office that was perfect for the truck lift. As it turns out, buying the lift ready to assemble wasn't as expensive as Trent imagined. He's sure it will turn out to be a wise investment over time.

The concrete was reinforced under the lift post so that it's 14 inches thick. The lift is capable of raising 15,000 pounds, Trent says.

It's just one of the features in the farm shop that makes doing farm repairs and fabrication work more efficient. They joined the new shop to the old shop through a door big enough to drive a forklift through. Welding, cutting, and any fabrication equipment stayed in the old shop. They also constructed metal racks in the back of the old shop obtained from a hardware store close-out to stash many of their parts.

"This way the soot and most of the grime stays in the older shop," Trent says. "We wanted to keep our newer shop as clean as possible for as long as possible. It's where we can work on things without creating smoke or a lot of dust."

The air compressor is also in the older structure. Air is piped over to a storage tank that feeds several hose reels equipped with 100 feet of hose each.

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