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EPA Extends Registrations For Smartstax Corn

EPA Extends Registrations For Smartstax Corn
Extension of Dow AgriScience and Monsanto corn hybrid traits provides grower access to broadest spectrum in-plant corn protection.

The Environmental Protection Agency has extended the registrations of two corn trait products: Dow Agrosciences Refuge Advanced and SmartStax and Monsanto's Genuty SmartStax RIB Complete and Genuity SmartStax. This extension is through 2013.

"EPA's registration extension of SmartStax and Dow AgroSciences Refuge Advanced powered by SmartStax is particularly timely given recent reports of suspected pest resistance to certain single mode of action products," said Cole Hansen, Dow AgroSciences U.S. Seeds Traits Marketing Manager.

"Monsanto is committed to the success of our farmer customers as well as working with them to support the durability and stewardship of our trait technologies," said Ty Vaughn, corn product lead at Monsanto. "These two corn technologies are a living example of our commitment to help farmers manage the challenges they face on farm and protect on-farm yields."

Genuity SmartStax and Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete products provide farmers with multiple modes-of-action for broad spectrum control of above- and below-ground insects, and offer two herbicide tolerance traits for greater flexibility in weed management. In addition, Vaughn says Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete products help farmers simplify the planting process and assure their compliance with refuge requirements in a single-bag approach, thereby helping protect the long-term durability of Bt technology.


Hansen says that stacked-trait corn products like SmartStax with multiple modes of action offer customers the broadest insect protection and therefore the greatest value. SmartStax is harder for insects to develop resistance to, and multiple modes of action offer significant increases in pest control and trait durability.

"SmartStax also offers reduced refuge not possible with single-trait products and is the best choice for maximizing whole-farm yield potential," Hansen added. "Dow AgroSciences makes SmartStax and Refuge Advanced powered by SmartStax available in the latest genetics, and they continue to demonstrate exceptional yield performance in the marketplace."

Monsanto noted that Genuity SmartStax corn hybrids delivered a yield benefit to U.S. corn farmers by outperforming YieldGard VT Triple corn products by an average 3.8 bushels per acre advantage in 2011. Furthermore, in trials from areas where U.S. corn farmers faced heavy insect pressure from corn rootworms, the dual modes-of-action in SmartStax technology has demonstrated an average yield advantage of 8.5 bushels per acre when compared with YieldGard VT Triple corn products.

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