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Empire Farm Days: Put These 5 'To-Dos' On Your List

Empire Farm Days: Put These 5 'To-Dos' On Your List
Check out the corn planting error plots, polled dairy genetics, soil health, ROPS and Cornell "answer experts" at Empire Farm Days.

Empire Farm Days cranks up this coming Tuesday, south of Seneca Falls, N.Y. Here are some of the events planned that you may not have heard about yet that'll be waiting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Crop planting errors/weather damage
DuPont Pioneer is hosting a corn planting error plot at EFDs to show what happens when seed isn't properly planted or suffers from weather events – even hail. Corn plots planted with a 96-day corn hybrid will show differences in crop emergence and establishment when seed is planted at depths from 1/2-inch to 3 inches.

WAITING FOR YOU: Empire Farm Days – and maybe Penn Yan FFA's Perry Lewis – will be waiting for you next week with an expanded host of learning events.

The strip plantings also show the differences of various plant populations, row width, irregular plant spacing, and differences in plant ability to withstand simulated root lodging. And you'll learn how those differences translate into yield, according to Pioneer Field Agronomist Daniel Mongeau.

Pros of polled genetics
On Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 12:30 p.m., the N.Y. Holstein Association will sponsor a Polled Genetics Panel presentation in EFDs' DairyProfit tent. Kimberly Morrill, a Cornell Cooperative Extension regional Dairy specialist and past-president of the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association, moderates the panel. Panelists include Bryan Quanbury of Dairy Bulls Online, a marketing and distribution service for breeders; John Burket of Burket Falls Farm with 100 registered Holsteins  (80% polled) of East Freedom, Pa.; and Nate Faus, herd manager of Rollen N's Dairy at Rock Stream, N.Y.

ABCs of healthy soil
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service will provide soil health assessment and management demonstrations in cooperation with Cornell University's Soil Health Testing Lab and the New York Soil and Water Conservation Committee. Daily presentations at the USDA NRCS Conservation Plant Garden will explain how soil qualities can be improved through management to maximize crop-growing potential.

They'll cover practices which impact soil health, including reduced tillage, preferably long term no-till or zone till; residue management; diversity in rotations, including perennials where possible. Other topics covered include cover cropping and keeping a living plant on the soil throughout the year; and adding organic matter.

Ask the experts
Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Center is a one-stop shop for exploring research and technologies that keep Northeast agricultural producers successful. Cornell Extension experts in vegetable and small fruit, grapes, dairy, livestock and field crop production will be on hand to answer questions.

Safety and savings alert
New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health will roll in it' NYCAMH-To-Go Mobile Unit for all three days, staffed by health and safety professionals. It combines basic hearing, blood pressure, glucose, vision and other preliminary health screenings with NYCAMH occupational health programs.

It offers free skin cancer and blood pressure screenings, plus first aid demonstrations with a trauma mannequin. You can also learn about the Rollover Protective Structure Rebate Program offering up to $865 toward the cost of retrofitting a tractor with a ROPS.

Learn more about Empire Farm Days exhibits, demonstrations, test driving opportunity, live animal seminars and more at

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