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Elanco announces animal antibiotics commitments

Elanco announces animal antibiotics commitments
Announcement coincides with White House forum and FDA veterinary feed directive

Elanco Animal Health on Tuesday committed to an eight-step antibiotic stewardship plan, an announcement coinciding with the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship and release of the FDA's final veterinary feed directive.

The plan, the company said, ensures the responsible use of antibiotics, reduces shared-class antibiotic use and replaces antibiotics with alternatives.

1. Act with responsibility globally by working with food producers and retailers to provide training and encourage policies that reduce shared-class antibiotic use and increase veterinarian oversight.

Cows wait for their turn on the auction block at the Fairview Sale Barn on August 2, 2012, in Fairview, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

2. Cease marketing of growth promotion uses for shared-class antibiotics and complete full regulatory change to end growth promotion use of shared-class antibiotics globally by the end of 2016.

3. Help customers eliminate continuous use of shared-class antibiotics for therapy purposes by providing an alternative.

4. Eliminate over-the-counter sales of shared-class antibiotics globally - including injectable products - where veterinarian oversight exists.

5. Eliminate concurrent use of shared-class antibiotics to treat the same disease.

6. Support veterinary oversight and responsible use, including helping build infrastructure globally.

7. Develop new animal-only antibiotics. No animal should ever be treated with a shared-class antibiotic if an animal-only option exists. Animal-only antibiotics optimize animal welfare without compromising human use antibiotics.

8. Create alternatives. Elanco commits to invest two-thirds of our food animal research budget to quickly evaluate 25 candidates and deliver 10 viable non-antibiotic development projects that address diseases where there are few, or no, alternatives to shared-class antibiotics. (Respiratory disease and enteric disease in cattle, swine and poultry and mastitis in cattle.)

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In one year, Elanco will host an animal health accountability summit to provide a progress report on our effort to deliver non-antibiotic alternatives. The company said it will collaborate with customers, academics and appropriate regulatory authorities, which will include establishing an expert advisory panel.

Elanco said it also will collaborate with our industry association and other technology companies to advance this effort as quickly as possible.

"Policies that require complete elimination of all antibiotics in animal production aren't right for the animal and they aren't right for the consumer either. We must take a pragmatic approach that doesn't put animals at risk," the company said.

Source: Elanco

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