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E8 - Red, White, Blue, Clean

E8 - Red, White, Blue, Clean
Buy E85 for only 85 cents per gallon on Thursday, June 30 in West Bend!

Before you hit the road this fourth of July weekend, stop by the Wingate BP station in West Bend to fuel up with E85 for just 85 cents per gallon.

Salute your red, white and blue by purchasing a locally produced, renewable, clean fuel for the bargain price of 85 cents per gallon Thursday, June 30, from 4-6 p.m. at the Wingate BP station at 2825 E. Washington Street West, Bend. 

E85 is a cleaner burning fuel, which is why it is an official Clean Air Choice of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.  It reduces ozone-forming pollutants by 20% and carbon monoxide by 40%. A typical Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) driver can prevent 4 tons of lifecycle CO2 and other pollutants from entering our air every year by fueling with E85 instead of gasoline. 

Because E85 is made with up to 85% ethanol, it has many other added benefits, including reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting local economies. Ethanol is a renewable resource most commonly produced from corn that is grown right in Wisconsin and across the country. 

The 64th Alice in Dairyland, Katie Wirkus will be on site with her very own FFV to help customers pump E85.  As Wisconsin's official agricultural ambassador, Alice educates consumers on our state's $59 billion diverse agricultural industry.  

The event is sponsored by the American Lung Association in Wisconsin Clean Air Choice program, Wingate BP and the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board. 

E85 fuel is intended for use in flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) only.  FFVs use E85 or gas interchangeably.  Fuel lid door indicates E85 use.  There is a 20 gallon limit per customer at each station. To see if your vehicle can use E85, or to learn more about E85 and biodiesel, visit

Source: American Lung Association in Wisconsin

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