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Dust Off Farm, Ranch Drought Strategies

Dust Off Farm, Ranch Drought Strategies

SDSU and NDSU Extension Services have a deep well of information to help you cope with drought.

If it continues to be dry, you'll need to dust off some drought strategies to keep your farm and ranch going.

NDSU and SDSU Extension Services have a deep well of good information. The following is a list of what's on the NDSU site,

Farm and Ranch Information
NDSU Feedlist - Individuals who have and/or need Hay, Feed, Pasture, CRP, etc.
Manitoba Hay Listing
Upper Midwest Haylist
Montana Hay Hotline

Dry conditions are spreading in the Dakotas and raising new questions about the best way to manage farms and ranches.

Forages and Grazing
Sunflower Silage May Be an Option for Drought-stressed Sunflower Crop
Use Corn Stalks as Dairy Heifer Feed
Drought-damaged Corn can be Used for Silage
Feeding Straw
Russian Thistles and Kochia for Forage
Native Emergency Hay Crops
Annual Forages for Fall Pasture
Forage Options:Warm-season Grasses
Don't Forget Annual Forages
Livestock Producers have Options for Dealing with Forage Shortage
Grazing and Feeding Restrictions
Drought May Lead to Cattle Imporation Issues
Wildfires Affect Forage Production
Canola as possible forage crop for livestock
Testing forages will pay dividends

General Topics
Water Quality and Quantity Is a Concern During Drought
Water Vital for Livestock During Droughts
Livestock and Water
Water Quality Interpretation Tool
Ranch Management During Drought
Help Dairy Cattle Beat the Heat
Protecting Livestock from Heat
Managing Livestock During a Drought

Economic Concerns
(Information should be used for computations only and should not be relied upon to represent the actual value of crops. )
What is the Value of a Standing Corn Crop for Silage?
What is the Value of a Standing Corn Crop for Grazing?
Opening of CRP Acres for Haying Raises Question: Is There Enough to Harvest?
Drought Emergency Grazing Practices will have Costs Next Season
Economic Evaluation of Alternative Feeds for Dairy
Purchasing Quality Hay
Managing Income Over Feed Costs

Sample Forms
Livestock Contract Feeding Arrangements (SDSU)


Feeds and Feeding

Integrating Field Crops Into Beef Cow Diets
Ammoniation of Low-quality Roughages
Supplementing Cattle on Drought-affected Pastures and Ranges
Feed Strategies for Certain Purchased Feeds and Feed Additives
Partial List of North Dakota Coproducts, Sources and Prices
Early Weaning Beef Calves
Creep Feeding Calves
Dairy Feeding During Drought
Limiting Forage Intake for Dairy During Drought
Use Caution When Feeding Dairy Cattle High Levels of Concentrate
What To Do With Immature Corn
Feeding Strategies When Alfalfa Supplies are Short (University of Wisconsin)

Poisoning Concerns
Beware of Nitrate Poisoning in Livestock
Nitrate Poisoning of Livestock
Blue Green Algae Poisoning
Prussic Acid Poisoning
Drought and Feed Poisoning in Dairy Cattle
Drought-related Livestock Poisoning by Weeds
Watch for Grass Tetany

Weeds and Herbicides
Weed Control Strategies with Dry Conditions
Drought -- When Weeds Can Become Friends
Herbicide Applications with Hot, Dry Conditions
Grazing and Feeding Restrictions for Herbicides
Herbicide Concerns After a Drought

Insect Pests
Grasshopper Management Under Drought Conditions
Cultural Management Practices as Tools to Help Reduce Grasshopper Populations

Managing Row Crop Diseases in Drought Years
Small Grain Diseases: Management of Those More Common and Severe in Dry Years

General Production Concerns
Dry Seedbeds Require Special Tactics, or Rain
Irrigated Sunflower
Tillage Techniques That Can Save Moisture
Dry Spring Conditions: Considerations Before Deciding to Replant
Emergency Tillage to Control Wind Erosion
Residue Management for Erosion Control
Looking to Install Irrigation During a Drought?
Fertilizer Application During and After a Drought
Alternative Crops During a Drought
Salvaging Drought-Stressed Crops
Stressed-Damaged Crops


Home Information

Heat and Drought Trouble for Some Trees
Time to Rethink Your Landscaping?

Family Information
When to Seek Outside Help for Stress
North Dakota Support Network Directory
Stretch Your Food Dollar (University of Wisconsin)
Food Plans and Recipe Book
Family Resource Management Extension Publications

General Drought Information
North Dakota Agricultural Weather
U.S. Drought Monitor
U.S. Drought Monitor Map
Palmer Drought Index
National Drought Mitigation Center
NOAA Drought Information Center
Climate Prediction Center Seasonal Outlook Color Maps
US Drought Monitor Index
Glasgow Mont. Radar Loop
Palmer Drought Index
Historical Climate Data -- High Plains Regional Climate Center
North Dakota State Climate Center
High Plains Regional Climate Center Home Page
Greenleaf Drought Project
Saskatchewan Dealing With Drought Page

Drought Videos
Overview of economic concerns for livestock producers during drought by Tim Petry (5:12)
Overview of drought concerns with cattle and concerns regarding early weaning of cattle by Greg Lardy (2:39)
Overview of problems with nitrates during drought by Charlie Stoltenow (2:33)

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