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Don't Try These Yield Monitor Adjustment Tricks At Home!

Don't Try These Yield Monitor Adjustment Tricks At Home!

Whether or not you can tweak errors depends on your software program and how savvy you are at computer software maneuvers.

Suppose your consultant is looking at your yield monitor data after harvest and notes some errors. Yields in certain places seem to be higher than they should be. He's able to determine it's because the swath adjustment feature that helps adjust when part of the header is covering already-harvested areas, like point rows, also made some erroneous adjustments at other locations in the field.

The effect was to report a narrower width than the combine was really covering, resulting in higher yields on the data points collected during that period.

Are you stuck with data that has some errors in it? Maybe, maybe not, says Bob Nielsen, Purdue University Extension corn specialist.

Correct 'wrong' data: Even if your yield maps aren't accurate due to 'wandering swath error,' you might still be able to correct them with sophisticated software and a consultant, Bob Nielsen days.

If your software allows you to use a single header swath width and force an override even if the monitor was set to automatically adjust for swath width, you can likely have it recalculate and produce a yield map that is more accurate. The errors will be removed. However, it may also adjust on point rows, so keep that in mind.

If it isn't your lucky day and your software doesn't have that feature, Nielsen says you may be stuck with yield maps with some built-in errors. However, if you're really good with software and know how to shape fields, you still may be able to run through procedures that allow you make corrections.

Here's where the "don't try this at home" part comes in. Most of the programs that allow you to do this, like ArcGIS, can be fairly complicated to operate. This and similar programs are not considered "off-the-shelf" software in most farming operations. Not even all consultants may have this software. Nielsen uses it to tweak data and remove errors on whole-field replicated trials, and it can be done. But it would likely involve having someone help you, who happens to have that software, he says.

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