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District 4-H Livestock Judging Winners Advance to State

District 4-H Livestock Judging Winners Advance to State
State contest to be held July 25 at Arlington Public Events Center.

The 2011 Area Animal Science Days were held in Brown, Dodge, Monroe and Clark counties in June and July. Youth judged breeding and market classes for swine, beef and sheep. They also answered questions and seniors gave reasons on selected classes. Congratulations to all participants in this year's district contests. The top two Senior and Junior Teams from each site will compete in the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest on July 25 at the Arlington Public Events Center. This program is sponsored by the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, University of Wisconsin Animal Sciences Department and 4-H Youth Development.

Northeast District – Brown County

Seniors:  1st – Liz Limberg, Sheboygan; 2nd – Emily Petzel, Polk; 3rd – Jed Dallas, Shawano; 4th – Clint Dallas, Shawano; 5th – Aly Dallas, Shawano

Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st – Emily Petzel, Polk 

Senior Team:  1st – Shawano; 2nd - Polk

Senior Reasons Team:  Shawano

Juniors:  1st – Nicole Dittbrenner, Polk; 2nd – Brooke Roberts, Manitowoc; 3rd – August Swenson, Polk; 4th – Vanessa Roberts, Manitowoc; 5th – Joel Gohr, Pulaski FFA.

Junior Team:  1st – Manitowoc; 2nd – Polk

Southeast District – Dodge County

Seniors:  1st – Luke Tremaine, Waukesha; 2nd – Micaela Wilharm, Jefferson; 3rd – Andrea Patterson, Grant; 4th – Sam Arndt, Dodge and 5th – Christopher Vierck, Dodge

Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st – Luke Tremaine, Waukesha

Senior Team:  1st – Dodge, 2nd - Waukesha

Senior Reasons Team:  1st - Dodge

Juniors:  1st – Heidi Tremaine, Waukesha; 2nd – Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha; 3rd – Kori Beisbier, Sauk; 4th – Alexis Timmel, Jefferson, 5th – Amber Patterson, Grant

Junior Team:  1st – Waukesha; 2nd – Sauk

Southwest District – Monroe County

Seniors:  1st – Jacob Yelinek, Iowa; 2nd  - Angie Keenan, Iowa; 3rd - Austin Moll, Columbia; 4th - Reid Suddeth, Iowa; and 5th Megan Thomas, Iowa.

Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st – Austin Moll, Columbia

Senior Team:  1st – Iowa; 2nd  – Columbia

Senior Reasons Team:  Iowa

Juniors:  1st – Haley Yelinek, Iowa; 2nd - Paige Gaffney, Iowa; 3rd – Bailey Jones, Lafayette; 4th - Hannah Taylor, Columbia; 5th  - Kristin Keenan, Iowa

Junior Team:  1st – Iowa; 2nd – Lafayette

Northwest District – Clark County

Seniors:  1st – Jessica Radcliffe, Marathon; 2nd – Calli Bayer, Marathon; 3rd – Jared Radcliffe, Marathon; 4th – Dathan Smerchek, Marathon; 5th – Ashley Zimmerman, Marathon

Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st – Calli Bayer, Marathon

Senior Team:  1st – Marathon, 2nd Wood

Senior Reasons Team:  1st – Marathon

Juniors:  1st – Katelyn Schmoll, Marathon; 2nd – Kailen Smerchek, Marathon; 3rd – Jordyn DeBoer, Wood; 4th – Kittric Singerhouse, Dunn; 5th – Hunger Falkowski, Marathon

Junior Team:  1st – Marathon; 2nd – Wood

Source: CALS


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