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DigiStar Introduces Hand-held Feed Moisture Meter

DigiStar Introduces Hand-held Feed Moisture Meter
Wisconsin company's moisture meter uses near-infrared scanning to measure moisture content in rations.

DigiStar's new Moisture Tracker is a hand-held, near-infrared scanning device which rapidly measures the dry matter and moisture content of animal feeds.

The Moisture Tracker provides livestock producers with near instantaneous, accurate dry matter and moisture readings, the company says. These allow livestock producers to quickly react to changes in dry matter, thereby ensuring the ration delivered matches the ration calculated.

Livestock producers and nutritionists can use the information gathered by the Moisture Tracker to provide more consistent rations with the goal of improving productivity, herd health, and profitability.

Wisconsin company's moisture meter uses near-infrared scanning to measure moisture content in rations.

"The Moisture Tracker is the first device on the market that provides livestock producers and nutritionists with an affordable on-farm solution to quickly and accurately measure the dry matter and moisture content of both inbound and stored feed," says Kevin Klubertanz, general manager of DigiStar.

The Moisture Tracker system comes with both a 120-volt wall charger and a 12-volt DC power charger for increased versatility.

A normal battery charge will provide 50 to 100 readings or two to four hours of continuous use, depending on temperature. New or fully discharged battery pack will require charging overnight but with most normal usage a recharge is possible in several hours. The Moisture Tracker can remain indefinitely on the charger.

The unit has a growing range of calibrations. The Moisture Tracker has been introduced with the capability to work with the most common livestock forages such as corn silage, haylage, ground high-moisture corn, brewers grains, and dried distiller's grains. Additional calibrations will be provided as they are created for a growing and diverse list of crops and byproducts.

Users can simplify use of their Moisture Tracker by programming the device only for the feedstuffs used on their farm. New feeds can be added or old feeds removed at any time.

For information on the Moisture Tracker, email [email protected].

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