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Democrat Governor Candidate Stresses Need For Leadership, Cooperation

Democrat Governor Candidate Stresses Need For Leadership, Cooperation
John Gregg believes its time for fighting to end in Indianapolis.

Agriculture enjoyed one of the best legislative sessions as far as positive results as it has seen in many years. Bob Kraft of Indiana Farm Bureau says there were lots of positive for agriculture. Still, a good part of the session that didn't relate to agriculture involved serious bantering and maneuvering back and forth between both political parties. Speaking before a group of farmers and leaders of the ethanol industry, likely Democrat candidate for Governor John Gregg says he believes Indiana can do better.

"We have built leadership in this state over time," Gregg says. He says that tradition needs to continue, and the fighting between parties needs to stop.

Democrat Governor Candidate Stresses Need For Leadership, Cooperation

"We need to be civil rather than constantly arguing when we have discussions," Greg told the crowd. "We must have the ability to disagree, and do it without being disagreeable. There needs to be a dialogue at the state level on important issues."

Gregg reminded the audience that when he was speaker of the House several years ago, there was a 50/50 split between Democrats and Republicans in the house. Yet he maintained an atmosphere that allowed for discourse, and the legislature was able to complete its duties. He believes that kind of civility at the highest level of government needs to return once again.

When it comes to energy, Gregg says he will have a plan. Look for more details on many of his more specific plans if he were elected to be released soon.

"Fuel prices must be manageable," he adds. "Clean coal is part of our economy in southern Indiana. Indiana coal is part of the solution to the energy problem."

The current administration in Washington and bureaucrats that make decisions and enforce regulations don't seem to have the same viewpoint, the moderator notes to Gregg. What would he tell President Obama if given the chance about the coal situation.

"I would tell him he is wrong on this issue," Gregg says. "Indiana coal is part of the solution."

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