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Deere Rollout: Track Suspension in Action

Launch of the new 9030T series machines with new suspension systems aims for higher operating speeds and a smoother ride.

Deere's massive product launch ahead of the fall farm shows included a wide range of products. Going beyond the press releases, we wanted to round up several stories - you'll see more in What's New in the next few days - that give you a deeper look into the products launched. For the 9030T we can even offer video showing how the system works.

A key message delivered from the launch was that John Deere engineers are working to make sure you can get more done in a day. That includes making sure implements can move faster through the field. The new Deere 9030T series track machines take that further with a new suspension system for smoother operation and higher speeds.

There are three models in the track lineup for the new 9030 series of machines. The 9430T with 425 engine horsepower, the 9530T with 475 engine hp and the 9630T with a whopping 530 engine hp are aiming to set a new level of performance for this market.

A key feature of the machines is the AirCushion walking I-beam suspension system that offers a smoother ride and a higher transport speed. It's a feature customers have been asking for and with this latest model the company has developed a innovative system to get the job done.

In addition a redesigned undercarriage allows easier track alignment capability and provides increased track tensioning and recoil, wider front idlers and enhanced reliability. The air suspension system has an onboard regulation system with controllers that can control air pressure in the system based on field or transport conditions.

Deere has provided computer images of how the new system works, take a look at the links below to explore the new 9030T track suspension in greater detail. You can learn more about the entire lineup of new equipment by going to

Take a look at the 9030T suspension system in this John Deere-supplied computer animation that shows all the parts involved - click on JD - Suspension Deconstructed

See the different ways the system works in this John Deere animation - click on JD - Suspension in action - animated

Finally, take a look at the AirCushion suspension with this under-tractor camera view Deere supplied - click on JD - Suspension in action - field

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